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8/13/2018 c5 20blackkyu
...peeps always seem to forget that as they are YOUR eyes, you can't see them change color. For all they know, Danny isn't even aware of it. I mean, of course WE know he sort of is (sometimes), but it's rather annoying that other people (characters) rush to that conclusion. For example, I have hazel eyes that often switch color due to the environment, lighting, ect., I, obviously, can't see when these changes happen, but sometimes someone else notices and they make a fuss and I want to punch them because, no, I don't know that they changed color, no, I don't know why, I don't stare at a bloody mirror all day! But, enough about that rant, thanks for the update! Hopefully Danny doesn't do anything to incriminating, but, knowing him, he'll likely get in trouble...
7/27/2018 c4 blackkyu
Huh, interesting. Hope they don't do anything to make him panic...
4/23/2018 c1 Glacio Koro
This is still a pretty decent chapter, I typically don't worry about writers keeping to a schedule. I know life gets annoying. I'm just glad if an author updates once a month.
4/23/2018 c3 Elizabeth Bathog
Max and Steek at N-Tek! That made me lol! XD

I am happy to see that you are continuing writing this so thank you and update when you can! :)
4/23/2018 c3 2Keith Halfa
Omg, this story is amazing and getting more so with each chapter. Keep up the good work!
4/19/2018 c2 Keith Halfa
Loving it!
3/25/2018 c2 Glacio Koro
I'm up for Danny being taken to N-Tek, this chapter was worth the wait. I'm looking forward to the next chapter to see what happens though. You are the author so ultimately the decision of what happens next is up to you.
3/20/2018 c1 patchwings
I loved this! This is a really good idea and the action scenes were done very well. The dialogue was very realistic and humorous, and I look forward to reading more of this story!
3/17/2018 c1 Glacio Koro
Yup! I am definitely following this!
3/16/2018 c1 Ghost Getter 1
Enjoyed the first chapter! Thanks you once again for adopting this story and I will continue to read and future chapters you put out!

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