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for I guess my give a damn is broken

4/26 c5 rhizz17
please continue
4/23 c5 muffdyvr
wow this fic is about... ...nothing really
4/16 c4 fanficnewbee
Was happier with their earlier mentality, they're acting like wusses here. They should never have caved to the peer pressure, fine you feel bad for the kids then feed the kids ONLY not everybody like they're doing now then bribing them with MORE supplies so that they'll stop nagging you, please send them to hell with the warmest of wishes with the most sincere expression on your face. Need to stop here one there's only one chapter left, and two this chapter for the most part stuck in my craw. TYFS, hope to read more soon.
4/16 c3 fanficnewbee
Was just thinking about Winky the house elf, what is happening with her? Is she going to be helping him or turned into a Walker, can a house elf turn into a walker? Also what happens to all the other house elves when there "families" die since they can't survive without a magical family do they fade away, get turned as I said, implode what're you going to do about them. And if Winky is still alive right now, why isn't Harry using her to turn a room or two or even the Quidditch Pitch into one half farm land and the other half a forest, he could also turn half of the pool into a lake/river for the aquatic life, cause I would never trust a waterway again do you know how many people committed suicide by drowning or while running away from a Walker died in "the" waterway's in their panic to get away from them, or even just a Walker while chasing their meal sunk into the waterway's. Is there going to be a pairing in the story Dixon sandwich's are my fave to bad/sad that they're are not that many of them to be found {:(. Hope you are able to update soon, tyfs. {:)x4.5
4/15 c2 fanficnewbee
Like your story, hope to read more soon. TYFS.
3/22 c5 Prisci
Una mansion o fortaleza que le pertenesca a la Familia de Harry que sea muy segura ...
2/21 c5 1Ravenclaw Samurai
I am loving your story! And I'm happy seeing Daryl and Merle supporting each other with Harry and Harry having people he can trust. I also enjoyed the growth of Harry's skills and the hard work and training he did in order to be such a BAMF! Survivalist Harry is awesome! That being said I think this free independent world traveler Harry might prefer a private school or a private secured home instead of a prison as a homebase. As a survivalist the prison might show a promise of security but for this Harry i think he would want something better than a prison. The school or private home has more possibilities and Harry can easily secure it. I just can't see him wanting to live in a prison if he could find something better and if Harry could make a tent so amazing he could make anything else just as amazing so why choose a prison with dirty cells and locked cages when he could go for a rich private school or a large fortified home?
2/18 c5 Guest
So, There's something that 'could' be done in this crossover fandom that I haven't seen done yet. Its not 'over the top' or anything like that but maybe it could give you an idea of what to do?

Daryl and Merle are at least Hedge-Wizards right? They enjoy out doors and nature? They live in Georgia, and the come from a line of magicals. Whose to say one of their Ancestors weren't Shamen. (Harry could be to) The Indian Trail of Tears 'Starts' in Georgia near Atlanta. What if the Shamans 'closed' down some of their lands magically so only those of their blood would be able to enter in times of need? There's a Ridge and Valley near Dalton or even the mountain range up top to. Plenty of places for hidden magical deserted (or almost) magical enclaves.
2/17 c1 Guest
Use the Force Harry! The Force is with you!
11/30/2020 c5 AvalonRivers
Just found this story, it’s great!
11/18/2020 c5 12Mireya Humbolt
Es genial tu fic¡, me gusta mucho la forma en que escribes lo que pasa y como evolucionan los personakes, Y voto por una escuela, eso les daria los salones de quimica, y las cnchas para tranformalos en campos ademas de que una biblioteca de una escuela puede ayudarles ala larga con algunas cosas, Algo como una universidad talves. Espero con ansias la continuacion¡. Felicidades¡
11/17/2020 c5 ssd602
Perhaps Winky could find a walled farm.
10/29/2020 c1 30Fairywm
This is the 4th WD/HP story in a row that I've tried to read where the entire first couple of chapters could have been shortened to around 5 paragraphs. It's monotonous and unnecessary. Why does so authors feel that we need the minute detail of, 'The Ministry is stupid, I paid the goblins for a kick-ass tent with lots of wards. Now I'm out of here.'

Sorry, I'm just beyond frustrated that what could be an enjoyable read, is bogged down to the point where I have to skim chapter after chapter to get to the beginning of the plot.
10/25/2020 c5 Ariesp19
Can't wait for more... Put those two in there places
10/22/2020 c5 jessjustice87
Awesome chapter. I vote to have Harry and the Dixion brothers find the prison first.
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