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11/18 c5 12Mireya Humbolt
Es genial tu ficĀ”, me gusta mucho la forma en que escribes lo que pasa y como evolucionan los personakes, Y voto por una escuela, eso les daria los salones de quimica, y las cnchas para tranformalos en campos ademas de que una biblioteca de una escuela puede ayudarles ala larga con algunas cosas, Algo como una universidad talves. Espero con ansias la continuacionĀ”. FelicidadesĀ”
11/17 c5 ssd602
Perhaps Winky could find a walled farm.
10/29 c1 30Fairywm
This is the 4th WD/HP story in a row that I've tried to read where the entire first couple of chapters could have been shortened to around 5 paragraphs. It's monotonous and unnecessary. Why does so authors feel that we need the minute detail of, 'The Ministry is stupid, I paid the goblins for a kick-ass tent with lots of wards. Now I'm out of here.'

Sorry, I'm just beyond frustrated that what could be an enjoyable read, is bogged down to the point where I have to skim chapter after chapter to get to the beginning of the plot.
10/25 c5 Ariesp19
Can't wait for more... Put those two in there places
10/22 c5 jessjustice87
Awesome chapter. I vote to have Harry and the Dixion brothers find the prison first.
10/13 c5 12Futago no Akuma Shimai
Hey, so i've been sitting on this golden egg idea for a zombie fic for a while... I'll probably end up using it myself at one point but I think that with Harry's magic it could be an awesome solution: a zoo.
There are a couple of amazing looking zoos in Georgia (I've researched this a bit when the idea first struck me) and well zoos could be easily fortified. They have huge fences around the perimeter (one of the zoos I found is a safari type so the plot of land is hug and they even have a lake), animals of all types and feed... closed enclosures can be turned into residences and some of the fields can be turned into more famr land.
Just an idea I thought you might appreciate.
Anyway, I like your detailed form of writing, though the now added dialogue makes it a more engaging read becasue you are showing us what is happening rather than just telling us. I like to think that you need a good balance of both show and tell to have a good story and you're heading in that direction. Although, I've always been more of details over the vague type of person anyway. I was happy to see that you updated this! I was a little afraid that this was just going to be an authors note stating haitus or abandonment. I was pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work!
10/2 c5 petit.dragon25
verry good story
10/1 c5 Lady Kaiki
Awesome !
9/30 c5 25917brat
want to test something and see if this works or shows up
9/28 c5 Elfin69
about time they put Shane on his ass and maybe started the others to think for themselves. I hope that with Harry as part of the group that Merle is not doing drugs and will not be stupid the next day since i do not see Harry leaving him behind or putting up with the others having a go at him.
9/28 c5 1chaoswizard
the doomsday preppers house sounds best. This is a good story so far keep it coming plz.
9/28 c4 Elfin69
was not expecting Daryl and Merle to be squibs or at least low level magic users. Glad to see that Harry is planning for the long term on making a farm with other animals also. Hopefully Winky will be safe out there and be able to bring other Elves back with her to take care of the farm and maybe some at the new place to take care of it also. Would love to see them just give the children and maybe Carol along with Glenn and those who are decent to them food and ignore the others and make them get their own somewhere.
9/28 c3 Elfin69
so he met up with the brothers right after finding out about the Walkers. will he stay with them or meet them later? I am surprised that he has not raided a lot of stores yet.
9/28 c5 vincent.velasquez190
Things are getting interesting with the group here. Sometimes I forget how annoying Lori is but man I am eagerly awaiting her death.

I still haven't figured out what animagus Harry is but I can't wait till the reveal it sounds really cool.

Also what's your update schedule for this fic I wanna know when to check up on this for new updates.

9/27 c2 vincent.velasquez190
Man I could honestly keep reading this even if the walkers never came in. It is oddly satisfying reading about Harry living his best life doing whatever he wants.

And how dare you tease his animagus form but not say what it is I know I'm going to be combing over future chapters just to try and find out what it is.

I was going to bring up something about the Master of Death but at this point Harry could probably fist fight death and win lol.

I hope when Harry meets up with the group Harry gets close to the Dixons I would love to see how their personalities mix.

Everything so far is good and only minor things pop out at me with the occasional mistyped word or a word should be in a different tense (but those are few and far in between). I don't know about grammar rules though I'm kinda shit at that but everything flows well and nothing has broken the immersion into the story so I'd give it a 10/10.

This fic has it's hooks in me. xoxo
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