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12/23/2021 c1 introvertinsecure8
PLEASE UPDATE! I love this story!
9/20/2021 c1 7Black Bankai
This is really good I look forward to reading more of this
9/17/2021 c1 BottomTsukiSimp15
Amazing, I really do love this story! Could you please update when you can?
8/21/2021 c1 AlexaCortez
This is really good please update soon please.
6/15/2021 c1 11Mukuro234
5/15/2021 c1 Sakura
Update plz
10/5/2020 c1 7Shadowheart51
Totally would love to see more!
9/13/2020 c1 CynthiaRosenDale
Where next chapie? On a side note, totally ship Senri and Zero after this chapter
8/12/2020 c1 Sprout1234
I love this book. Please update soon
6/23/2020 c1 JCMGIRL15
Are you coming back to the story?
6/13/2020 c1 2Yuzuki476
Thank you for making this a Vampire Knight Story and I really want to punch the living daylights out those bastards kurans for hurting Senri and zero and everyone else. Please update soon.
4/29/2020 c1 kuroh
continue please
1/27/2020 c1 11milkchocolatehot64
I REALLY hope you update this! I know it's been 2 years, but PLEEEEEASE! UPDATE THIS!
12/5/2019 c1 1yuzukikuran476
Thank you zero for saving Senri's life and I really hate that evil Yuki kuran and Kaname. Please Author-san keep this story going.
9/17/2019 c1 rosedragonamber
i saw that it's been a year since starting this story, but I just found it and was wondering if you discontinued it or going to update
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