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Remember kids, magical abilities are dangerous and overpowered. If you aren't exerting your will over the lower beings, then you are not using it correctly. This story is a good example of what a weakling (*cough* non-Pure One *cough*) would do with new-found powers.

In all seriousness, I like the idea of "random hermit owl getting the ability to control things beyond our known universe." Even though the supernatural theme is always one I've come to dislike, I think it is still worth the read for this one case, especially given how Lasky strived to make the series more "magen" based. So may as well enjoy the concept for what it's worth, eh?

I think this time I'm not going to do the excessively long Death Reviews for this story. But by no means does that undermine my enjoyment of this story. Besides, don't want to spoil too much if a reader decides to look at the review section first, eh?

I think if I were to say one thing, this story provides a form of ASMR for me to about the same degree as Ivanna experienced during her meditation periods.

I also like the scenery put into the story, it's almost like this series in conjunction with your Southern Kingdoms counterpart will be visiting every known location, which is fine by me!

One thing I hope people realize about magic is that there is (or at least, should) no difference between "good" magic and "bad" magic, it should solely be "magic". But of course, this is just yet another argument about how morals mean little in regards to power. If you can control storms, for example, that can be both considered good and bad, it only comes down to choice. What is the "wrong" choice for one group of people may not be wrong for everyone else. Hence, why I steer clear of such language.

This story does bring about a lot of questions, especially with such an ending. It is safe to assume that you know at least a good half of the questions floating in my mind, thus, it is likely pointless to express them at the moment.

I am still thinking about the plot as I type, yet, I am unable to muster any further points that are either worthwhile for me, or of importance to you. But this is also a good thing, as I will likely be spending some more time thinking about certain implications made in this story even after I've finished this review.

So in all, what did I think of it? I liked it. I think this is one of the few supernatural stories I've read since The Bible and other less notable stories. The lack of a conflict until the end did make me somewhat unsure of what the story was getting at, but that was solved after "the incident" seen later in this story. There were also, of course, some points I wish we got more detail about — such as Ivanna's feelings and thoughts early on, perhaps some philosophy here and there. Yes, I know she's a simple owl, but such power could even make the purest of owls tainted with ambition. I guess with such an open-ended ending we'll never know what comes about of her in that regard.

Score? 8/10, good plot, characters, setting, and conflict. Perhaps some more detail would've been nice, mostly in regards to Ivanna, as she was (from what is gathered/stated) very introspective, hence, it would be nice to see expanded upon. After all, I like characters that are introspective (well . . . maybe with a hint of far-reaching philosophy).

. . . What!? Are you expecting me to rate this story about the number of Tytos and their purity? Gosh, I'm stereotyped quite often now, aren't I? I would never do such an absurd kind of scoring system.

. . . (Score is over 9000 for having God-Tyto, subtract that by 8903 for lack of Pure Ones, weak morals, and the mentioning of inferior species.)

So, yeah! Good story! I'll probably have to review that other story another time, as I've forgotten about it until now. But I promise I'll get to it!

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