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for Love's Stars - Book 1 of 3 in The Stars Trilogy

5/27/2018 c16 EasyReader87
Love the Kendy/Grhan moments. You write comedy well. I laughed out loud at the panties bit.

It’s nice to see Mon Mothma and Leia skirting the edges.

Are you writing more sequels? Hope so.
5/8/2018 c3 5SapphireAlena
I like how the ending gives us a good lead into the rest of the story.
5/5/2018 c2 SapphireAlena
The first paragraph shows us so much about Kendy, but I absolutely loved this line in the fourth: "As it so happens, this Rebel scumbag has skills to offer in that area."
Man, you're bringing me back into this story. I haven't read Lost Stars in two years. I was tempted to put your book on hold to re-read it, but I'm glad I didn't. Half way through this chapter, I'm a bucket of tears, remembering this relationship that you have captured so well in just a few placed lines.
I love how you don't labor on with needless mush. Every word you use has power—nothing is wasted. It all pulls on the heartstrings.
"I feel like I had taken my first breath of air in months the second I saw her standing there smiling at me." LOVE IT
You just kill me with this: "Choosing the Empire over you." Especially since you just reminded me he went through the mourning rituals for her. He sacrificed so much of himself for her, and it seems like a slap in his face.
I love how you are tying the Jedi into the end of the chapter. Great summary and hook.
5/4/2018 c1 SapphireAlena
Love it! I've been waiting for a sequel to Lost Stars for two years. After Claudia started on the Princess Leia books, I knew she was never returning to this story.

I love how you capture their relationship from the first word. You summarize how they are in this situation without languishing in an infodump of backstory.

I assume you are using British spelling, and therefore must either be in the UK, a Commonwealth Country, or one of the former colonies. I think it works, considering the Coruscanti accent of the officers is the crisp British of Tarkin.
5/2/2018 c12 EasyReader87
Grhan’s secret - spy or Jedi?

Liked Ch 12

Just b/c you asked... watch the redundant word use (efficiency twice in a sentence). I do it occasionally, too, and it takes someone else to find it.
5/2/2018 c11 EasyReader87
Fantastic. I can see the scene clearly in my head.

Grhan’s humble, helpful, patient, generous (he’s sticking with them when he could leave for safety)...either he’s a spy or another word that rhymes with spy! I’m betting the other. Hope I’m right!
5/1/2018 c7 EasyReader87

It’s crazy how you almost have me rooting for Nash in those final moments.

Best part is when he’s injured and you write small visions about Ciena that help him take each step to get moving.

Creative. But creepy that he kissed her.
5/1/2018 c6 EasyReader87
Cried. So much angst between Thane and Ciena.

Great descriptions in Shuttle searches - I could really picture it.
5/1/2018 c5 EasyReader87
Like how you bring me back to the scene in Valentia. Giving a little more “color” to the scene was great. I thought Gray could have given a little more detail to show they were nervous and it was their first time.
4/27/2018 c46 Write Fanatic

You have to. It’s just the right thing to do.

Nash is creeeeeeepy. He’s going after that baby. I’ll let you reveal the truth in the sequel.
4/27/2018 c3 EasyReader87
GENIUS! I could have imagined 1,000 scenarios and never come up with Nash and Vader.

How you made it happen was brilliant. Seriously stoked.
4/27/2018 c2 EasyReader87
Yes! Kendy and Thane. It made sense when they were in Rebellion together and Ciena “died”

Not in love with Ciena and all the trouble she caused for her personal hang ups.
4/27/2018 c45 Write Fanatic
My first question is how soon can we expect a sequel?

Honest review - this was phenomenal. I read a LOT, and this is as good as anything I’ve read in a while. You should share your work with someone who will proof and clarify parts that are unclear to someone not inside your head. All writers need this - it’s writing 101. Even not having done this, WOW! Your imagination (bringing together Nash and Vader the way you did) was so out there, but made complete sense.

You also have a gift for injecting humor into the mix. I laughed out loud at the “pee in the panties” moment. It’s something most of us can relate to. Dalven’s split was hilarious, especially since it turned the tables on the power structure between brothers.

I like how you use little moments like “Happy Tears” to remind a reader of the journey a couple has taken. I love how Grhan told Kendy his plan for winnng her heart - “the one moment...one kiss at a time”. I wonder if her ring communicates with Grhan’s lightsaber - if the crystals are related?

Totally love the Grhan and Han meeting, then Grhan’s confession to Kendy.

Great twist with Geth and Gan - Again, sequel?

What was in the contact solution? Will it come up...in a SEQUEL?
4/27/2018 c44 Write Fanatic
Oh Lord - now I like Dalven and do NOT want him to die.
4/21/2018 c10 Cheryl Trewin
A typical star wars story or so I thought.
But, upon reading deeper into this,I found an enjoyable backstory added to you for writing this.
Most enjoyable.
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