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for Failure

3/19/2018 c1 Ghostyperson
Tyrian is cuckoo for killing peopl- I mean cocoa puffs.
Yeah no doubt with how dedicated he was to Salem the whole 'I'm not mad just disappointed' thing stung more than you-know-who slicing off his tail. A pretty accurate insight into his structurally unsafe mind.
And a sneaky peeky at a time before Tyrian went completely nutso! A setup for more right? You've been putting out a little more work than usual. (has done like, jack)
Also favorite one? Really? You like Amber the most? ..Huh. I woulda figured maybe Slate or Onyx. Well until next time then! Amber totes should get a story too.
3/19/2018 c1 1merendinoemiliano
For a moment i tought Tyrian would be Amber's father, and didn't give a shit about her death, but this could be equally up the good work and see you later.

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