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for Marvel at this Shinobi's Tale

6/13 c4 crispycon1013
Youngboy was at a 131? I knew bro was crazy intelligent.
6/11 c42 killerssg
Oh this is so good! I want the next chapter to come soon as possible. I just wonder how it will end if Tony will sacrifice his life or if someone else will do it or if a different ending will take place.
5/24 c35 NaruCrazy
Wade's entrance made me bust a gut...:D

Then breaking the fourth wall reminded me, Isn't Wade quite similar to Deadpool? Hmm...
5/18 c10 Exodus12345
Well since they have Naruto no point in reading anymore. Hate brainwashed MC's because they are nothing but somebody else's bitch.
5/15 c42 kresnamu17
Why the ending the same as the previous chapter, i read that alrdy. Im confused
5/8 c1 Damedream
Been avoiding this story because I'm not a big fan of neglect fics but I'm going to give it a try.
5/7 c42 robertroy1
can't wait for next chapter
5/2 c42 demon87
Very super
5/2 c42 WindyCitySlayer1
Damn naruto is about to handle Thanos or give him all the hands he can handle
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
5/2 c42 4Monster King
Awesome work
5/2 c41 Bruh
Hurry up and update this already
4/26 c6 unknown
The power creep is utterly wrong.
A 3 tailed Naruto can nail a sannin, if they don't have fuinjutsu/genjutsu, even S class are near dead meat
And he can barely clear a base of humans? The speed and power creep is really really bad
In an otherwise excellent fic
4/7 c3 IgelRoll
As a German reading this, I just have to comment on those German Paragraphs, the fist one doesn't sound too bad, but the second one just doesn't work. So here is how I think it would sound better in German:
Wir sind Hydra! Ihr denkt, ihr habt unseren Kopf abgeschlagen, unser Wachstum eingeschränkt, aber ihr habt etwas wichtiges vergessen. Wenn man der Hydra einen Kopf abschlägt, dann wachsen zwei neue nach, die seinen Platz einnehmen werden. (Which would also be a Percy Jackson Movie reference2)
Wenn du denkst, du machst mir angst, dann täuschst du dich aber gewaltig, Freundchen
4/2 c41 Guest
hi i just posted a story idea about a naruto/mcu and just thought of another if your excepting them it's an another naruto/mcu naruto is the only ever naturel born kryptonian in centuries and is sent to earth by his parents with the knowledge his people on the way his ship gathers different types of solar radiation making a serperior kryptonion when his ship land he's fond by minato and kushina who raise him and help him with his powers eventually joining shield and begin a relationship with natasha romanoff
4/2 c41 Guest
i have a story idea for you it's a naruto/mcu naruto i born in the mcu when he's a child he witnesses his murder and his taken by a dark agency who fond out both minato and kushina have powers and want to turn naruto into a living weapon but they find out he doesn't have access to them so they put him though the same treatment as deadpool to unlock his ability's until naruto snaps when a telepath make's him relive his parents death and then kills his tormenters and escapes where he's fond by nick fury who recognizes him as his friends son as for naruto's powers ether doomsday or doctor manhattan and the pairing naruto/natasha thanks for reading the reviews and bringing uses a new chapter
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