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3/7/2021 c31 guest
naruto wankers are really disgusting Blah blah NaRUto iS PlaneTary nAruTo is ovErpoWer blah blah blah
3/7/2021 c31 Narutard
Naruto wankers are really disgusting. Blah blah NarUtO iS ovPowEre! Blah Blah! Wank wank
3/8/2021 c31 20KukanKing
I kinda curious where Darcy and Naruto came from but i LIKE it i'm gutted you got there first i was writing my own Naruto Darcy fic.

also its your story stick with your guns if people don't like the new pairing.

cant wait for more
3/8/2021 c25 Vavaldline
wtf is going on bro so is nat dead now or sum, no more pussy for naruto plus he been stuck doing this non kcm for long enough
3/8/2021 c31 natsu00
i prefer that the couple stay between naruto x natacha and find a way to bring natacha back to life, than change the couple
3/8/2021 c20 Vavaldline
nice this is why i stayed up all night reading this just for this moment naruto beat the shit outa that boi hulk lmaoooooooooooooooo i feel 10x worst now cause im tired but im too hyped to read ur next chap my boi
3/7/2021 c17 Vavaldline
bro really gave naruto an 8 incher lol shoulda gave a monsta instead but overall im loving this story prolly my second fav so far
3/7/2021 c12 Vavaldline
yea imma need that bijuu bitch dead asf before 2 chapters, i was this close to dropping this shit after i read the name wade wilson but imma keep it pushin
3/7/2021 c31 Scarlet.2045
bro I taught since hela is alive she was going to be paired with naruto or Thanos
3/7/2021 c7 Vavaldline
wtf is going on rn first naruto got his ass kisked by hulk (same hulk who got his ass kicked by thanos who wasn't even trying) and now he's saving jane? like tf bro. So your telling me that naruto is just captain america level?! like what kinda bull shit is this and yes naruto's original chakra is blue not yellow, and why the FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK is naruto so fucking weak i mean srsly i cant understand simple usage of chakra like that cant do shit plus if kuruma is willingly giving chakra to naruto woudnt he be in KCM mode?! y bother do all that and not put naruto in KCM mode now he cant even beat hulk like wtf i didnt come here to see naruto be captain america level and be gasping for air after giving a littke chakra to Iron man like wtf is this pile aa WTF nah bro i need better writing outa u this story is too good to have naruto this weak like why tf is natasha even with him when hulk is stronger (that was a joke) but srsly man buff naruto his power is a srs buzz kill
3/7/2021 c6 Vavaldline
damn naruto is bullet level lmaooooooooooooo obito lost his heart quite literally and laughed
3/7/2021 c5 Vavaldline
bro so is natasha getting her back blown out rn? lmao
3/7/2021 c3 Vavaldline
Ok I see some errors in this either that or u just don't want to use it but you do know that chakra doesn't work like that right? Naruto had always had a large pool of chakra and it wouldn't take much to use if he read a book created by Tsunade, I see u want to take things slow but what you're doing just doesn't make sense bro its better u say he doesn't have much jutsu but the fact that Naruto cant produce chakra after reading a chakra book made by TSUNADE just isn't logical. There are more errors and mistakes I see in this but its honestly a good story so far its just that you nerfing naruto to Obidiah Stane level really just doesn't sit well with me.
3/7/2021 c31 brandonmunoz499
Nah man please, find a way to bring natasha back bro
3/7/2021 c25 kirosyamcha
the story just lost 90% of interest by the fact natasha dies.
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