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3/7/2021 c31 brandonmunoz499
Nah man please, find a way to bring natasha back bro
3/7/2021 c25 kirosyamcha
the story just lost 90% of interest by the fact natasha dies.
3/7/2021 c24 kirosyamcha
ehh i think your overselling the bad guys abilities to do such things. catch natasha like that? maybe but doubtful. im sorry to say its been a while since i read the story and cant even remember who lucifer is in your story though :/
3/7/2021 c31 sr Qrow black
I love this darcy is beautiful I am very happy that naru decides to move forward and recover
awesome chapter although it feels slightly rushed
3/7/2021 c31 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
3/7/2021 c31 Paradoxity
3/7/2021 c31 1NaruLemon Stories
It's all right bro now that Natasha is dead he can't just celebate keep writing and stay safe
3/7/2021 c31 Jinvo
man what a boring new pairing very unfortunate
3/7/2021 c31 3AnimeIsLife0407
I think your goal for this story is amazing.
3/7/2021 c31 2OmniHein
Please update bro
3/7/2021 c31 I. P. Frealy
I don't see how naruto could be with a non super after what happened to natasha. I think he wouldn't want to risk the life of a regular person. also darcy is lame
3/7/2021 c31 6ChubbyNingen
You shouldn’t change the pairing at all, if anything let him keep Natasha and just Darcy and be done with it. Or if u plan on keeping Natasha KIA then I’m all for changing the pairing
3/7/2021 c31 demon87
very super
3/2/2021 c30 HI
thanks for updating wandavision had me in a marvel mood
3/3/2021 c30 Beastyd22
Cool chapter man keep it up thanks.
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