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4/2 c25 XenoLucifer
I mean, you talk about character progression and that stuff has consequences, I don't disagree with that but do you have to, in every arc of this story, do the exact same thing? tell me one battle where Naruto didn't end up dead/nearly dead and then through some miracle came back?

I realized it last chapter, as a writer you're a one trick pony. Your story consists of a loop of events, Naruto gets strong, shows off his strength, gets almost killed then repeat that, this is the only type of character development you know. But you know what? a character when they grow is supposed to learn from their mistakes, that is development and Naruto has never learned.
4/2 c12 XenoLucifer
Dark Naruto is the worst plot anyone making a Naruto story could use. I swear you people don't understand who dark Naruto is, it's all his negativity, his depression, his wants that were never fulfilled. Dark Naruto's only wish is to be accepted by Naruto, what you've done here is a disservice to the source material.
4/2 c41 demon87
Very super
4/2 c41 4Monster King
3/24 c15 blowmind92
This ff is so mess up.
3/19 c26 Fixunction
I just wasted my time here bro, It's literally forced character progressions/forced timeslips, a naruto who is a spy but somehow can't think for himself and is an idiot. Forced plot the civil war is just shit, every character is not even close to their original counterpart and doesn't act like heroes.
3/11 c40 demon87
Very super
2/25 c19 TDR007
Thank go the one piece reference
2/25 c12 TDR007
This is so cool I love the forth wall breaking
2/19 c1 Guest
copy paste dont you have shame
2/2 c14 Tycius
Chapter 11 kinda killed my interest. Maybe it's that he arrives as a 4-year-old and hydra magically has the technology to generate fully grown clones with all his memories. Dropped.
1/31 c40 Guest
Great chapter can't wait for more
1/30 c40 Guest
1/31 c40 Monster King
Awesome story please continue
1/30 c40 Stonepotrice
keyboard warriors man
they crazy nuff said
continue making the story your own with different twists and turn.
pplz don't want an exact Canon match if they did they can just watch the movie.
thank you for your creativity and chapter
hope to read more soon
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