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for Marvel at this Shinobi's Tale

1/30 c40 DemonHunter175
Weird threats? Anyone else curious as to the wording of said threats. lol
1/30 c40 KingRyu
This story has gone downhill since civi war arc
1/29 c1 SteadfastWhiplash
For the love of God I hope the writing gets better in future chapters
1/21 c7 trollkingNO.1
ok i love this chapter
1/19 c12 valash122
At this point I gotta give a review. The first thing that I dislike is the whole mind wipe bullshit, NO offense but Kurama could've and would've brought naruto's memories back to him.

Second thing is you went from them being sad and so forth of naruto's apparent death but you didn't do the whole battle sequence? that would of been the start of them being Avengers. But you didnt, you time skipped to the start of Captain America's The Winter Soldier. Im not mad at it Im just disappointed.

thirdly, Im sorry but yami naruto wouldn't survive and neither would naruto, without naruto YAMI would cease to exist, and without yami naruto, naruto would cease to exist, you can't get rid of your hatred only accept it. I mean did you even watch/read the turtle Island episodes during the waterfall of truth? Cause it LITERALLY explains why naruto can't get rid of his hate/dark self. So with that no amount of BS science can do what you did.
These are my only gripes.

Look Im not like all these other reviewers who will blow smoke up your ass just so you can continue your story, cause Ill be honest half these reviewers will praise the hell out of a shitty story cause they don't know a good story even if it slaps them in the face.
1/14 c39 1NaruLemon Stories
Wooo great chapter
1/14 c39 mohamadoulo23
Let’s go
1/14 c39 demon87
Very super
1/14 c39 Stonepotrice
Sooo random side note
Since the Peter's are on the battlefield what's Gwen doing there?
Also since this is after the 2nd snap is kurama not coming back?
Even though Minato is with naruto what about him signing the toad contract since he was back in the elemental nations?
Hope for more cheers
1/14 c39 4Monster King
Awesome work
1/4 c37 1SpiritOfDante
Honestly, I tried but the Civil War arc just killed all interest in the story for me. While it's well written, save for some grammar issues, you destroyed the main reason I started reading this story. I wish you the best with it, but I most likely won't be coming back to this again.
12/20/2021 c38 Itachi30
No cpmplains about this chapter, just a slight request...Please try to update sooner
12/20/2021 c38 Shadow
Loved it!
12/20/2021 c3 9sd74
What did the Agent mean that the partner whose "drop-dead gorgeous 24-year-old female" Naruto had never spent time together?
12/20/2021 c5 0vrLrd71
glowing blue? damn I thought he awakened instinctively Tsunades chakra strength not generic Chakra one

this is boring, when he was a kid he didnt give in even when he had the Chakra cloack and wasnt affecting by the bloodlust but here? ugh imma take a break from this story for a bit
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