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2/22 c1 1katie.hoijer
amazing story. this would have made a better ending than the stupid jungle movie and I prefer this as an episode you got good talent as a writer if you come up with a couple more stories like this looking forward to it
1/28 c22 Guest
This is one of the best HA fics I've read. You did the characters justice, it's just how they'd act in the show. And the helga/arnold moments are just so heartfelt, especially when she restores faith in himself, it was so fitting coming from her!

Your writing was also such a joy to read. You really master the "show, don't tell". It leaves more imagination to the reader.

I hope you continue to write more HA fics in the future. Thanks for writing this beautiful piece of work! :)
10/15/2021 c11 8enarcoyufuin
heyyyyy, helga.. i paint my nails every two weeks, what is that supposed to mean? >lmao i'm joking
12/15/2020 c22 4SakiKitty
Okay so like, 2 years later I finally decide ima pick the story up again! And I did! And it was good times! It seems a lot of us took hiatus around the same time and I’m wondering if 2018 was just a cursed year for writers lol.
Anyway, back to the point which is the story!
I absolutely loved it! All of it was great and especially the fact he found his parents in the end. Like the whole him finding the journal with Helga was a really good idea!
Thanks so much for writing it!
11/21/2020 c22 3Veganmama
Loved this story! Thanks for making it for the HA fans out there. Reading this story helped get me out of a funk I was in the past week or so, so thanks for that. Helga humiliating Arnold in the cafeteria was absolutely heartbreaking; I felt that one. Their progression was genuine and realistic. So appreciative of people who write great stories about one of my favorite couples.
9/30/2020 c22 que hubiese pasado
For the sequel I hope Helga shows Arnold her shrine, I would like to see Arnold's expression to see this Shrine.
8/29/2020 c22 justme22
I'm no kidding. I read 14 hours straight and I don't regret it :') I just adore Arnold and Helga! I love how you write them true to themselves and specially Helga, you draw her coming out of her shell so beautifully!
For me THIS IS CANON #ChangeMyMind
(I can't say the same from TJM lol)
6/27/2020 c4 1spongeson
omg I really REALLY love the direction of this story ! I had to take a quick break in between chapters to let u know LOL

Arnold going through a depressive period rly hits home as someone who suffers w clinical depression , my poor son. I can’t wait to keep reading UGH I love these kids they’re my babies 8’)
6/21/2020 c22 Brenda
kawaiii solo tengo que decirte que me atrapo desde el primer momento reí , llore , me enoje muchas emociones juntas , me re encanto te felicito sigue así tienes un gran ingenio por crear historias nos vemos o leemos esta la próxima sensei
6/2/2020 c22 6TheWonderfulShoe
Very cute. Nice end! (Beginning?)
6/2/2020 c21 TheWonderfulShoe
Whoa! That makes me happy, though. It broke my heart, a little, when he put those things away, never realizing there was a journal with the clue that could help them find the parents all along...
6/2/2020 c20 TheWonderfulShoe
Thank goodness. XD That figures.
6/2/2020 c19 TheWonderfulShoe
I guess those two mean well, anyhow.
6/2/2020 c18 TheWonderfulShoe
Way behind him? Not ahead of him? Or with him? ...is this some newfangled slang with you young whippersnappers?
6/2/2020 c17 TheWonderfulShoe
Oh good grief. Well...that's one way to be out with it. XD; Helga, you sure don't have a lot of self-control, do you? Not the , not now. Or is it impulse-control...?
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