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8/20/2018 c8 Laylion4869
Man oh man you've got a talent at capturing the characters with such precision ~
8/13/2018 c8 That one cartoon lover
This chapter just absolutely warmed my heart! I have a huge soft spot for the whole gang working together and having fun, I honestly see them as kind of a second family to each other, even if they're not totally like that canonically lol. As always, I totally melted at Arnold and Helga's interactions. Amazing job on yet another amazing chapter!
8/13/2018 c8 7DeepVoice'06
Big Bob is one lucky man, being able to get that job. I liked how Helga realized at the end it was because of Arnold her father got that job. I thought in this one, Arnold was a bit out of character though, because even though Helga is technically right that Wolfgang deserves to be treated how he treats others, it's not like Arnold to go along with her plans and plan something to hurt another person. I will say it's like Helga to lead sometimes though, Arnold and Helga are the top leaders in their group after all. I was surprised Arnold was disobedient enough to be completely fine with them firing shots at principal wartz as well. I think whatever happens when they get back to the school might be pretty serious considering how strict the principal is, Arnold might even get pulled in the office like he did on that 'Full Moon' episode. Anyway, overall, Great chapter! Update revenge of the 5th graders now! XD
8/9/2018 c8 21The Rhombus
The tension from the last chapter certainly has not abated as the events of that chapter proceed onwards, with growing inevitability, towards what appears to be a shitstorm of epic proportions in the near-future. This was captured quite well in Helga’s very in-character ruminations on her situation as she proceeds to go to school. As always, her parents are oblivious to her plight, but such is not the case of a certain Football Head.

Speaking of Football Head, I quite liked the confrontation between him and Gerald in this chapter. Each of them, as friends do, talk in very blunt terms about the situation – letting things be said that would otherwise cause offense in others who lacked such a bond of friendship. In the end however, both of them appear to come to terms with their differences in perspective even if Arnold keeps the information he gained in confidence to himself. This was a rather nice depiction of male friendship and the intricacies of using bluntness, honesty, and posturing in order to make a point while respecting the autonomy of another person. It is a delicate social dance, in a manner of speaking, that many authors have difficulty getting correct.

And then holy crap. Wolfgang’s vindictiveness reached a whole new level with the axle grease stunt. If we, as readers, needed any reminder that this is a more mature story than some other offerings then this is certainly one of them. Though I wonder how the others will send a message that such violence will not be tolerated. Arnold is not one to fight violence with violence, but this is not the sort of thing to tolerate with impunity.

And to answer my question… we have stink bombs. Well, not quite on the same level as what they are retaliating against, but perhaps approaching the same level. Though it was nice to see the gang cooperating for a common cause. Though I suspect further retaliations might be forthcoming. The interaction between Helga and Arnold at the end was nice, but as is common with Helga’s luck, now she is late though she told her father she would be back right after school. Just as soon as it had disappeared the sense of dread in the chapter has returned in full force.

And then boom. It appears that Football Head’s attempt to improve the lives of Helga’s family has indeed succeeded, but will her father manage to not screw up this opportunity? I will be very curious to see how things develop from this point on. But for now at least, Helga’s situation appears to be looking up.
8/9/2018 c8 55Em Pataki
This is sweet. I love the way Arnold looks out for Helga, and his constant concern for her when she's in trouble. Her reputation isn't enough to fill the void left in her heart by all the drama her life is filled with.
8/9/2018 c8 16HumanDictionary
Very nice. I especially liked your assessment of the Big Bob billboard grinning over all it surveyed, then to know the clod actually got the job. Looking forward to more!
8/9/2018 c8 4Ajay435
Great chapter! Loved seeing everyone pull off that awesome prank together - it's fun to see Arnold's mischievous side XD.

Let's hope Bob doesn't blow it now that Arnold's helped him get his foot in the door. I can't wait to see how Helga reacts the next time she sees Arnold! I'm still hugely enjoying the gradual and natural way you're developing their bond, not to mention Helga's work to try and find a balance in how she interacts with him. You capture the struggle really well.

The pupils dilating was a nice touch :).
8/8/2018 c8 23Kryten
Nothing like a classic prank to bring people together, and this one was executed to perfection.
8/8/2018 c8 4SakiKitty
This is definitely my favorite chapter! I love how everything played out and the slow connection that Arnold and Helga are making. Making Wolfgang pay was spectacular! I'm glad you'll be able to update sober so I can look forward to more (wish I could say the same for my own story)
8/8/2018 c8 Yali.Page
Great Chapter!
8/8/2018 c8 16starfiction123
Wasp you never cease to amaze me! Tge nostalgic feel of what HA is and always will be to me was so perfectly executed here! Tge HxA moments only get better and better! You gotta update more often!
7/4/2018 c7 7DeepVoice'06
"You've only applied for one job at AT&T because you won't take anything else!" - Helga
"I'm one of the hiring managers for the new AT&T office downtown." - Susie

What can I say? I've always been good at putting stuff together. I can already tell Arnold's going to ask Susie to hire Big Bob at his store, that way the Pataki's can bring in enough money so Helga won't lose her house. That's definitely going to relieve a lot of stress from Helga's shoulders, and I have a feeling Arnold's doing it to make up to her what she's done for him, by bringing him out of his bad mood from not having his parents. I also think it could be because he subconsciously cares about her, of course he doesn't realize he cares about her more than a typical girl. His Grandpa probably already sees that though.

I like how Phoebe defended her best friend, and she should be upset at Gerald's attitude because he hasn't given Helga a chance, although if I was Gerald I would probably be the same way towards somebody like Helga. It's hard to believe anybody would change after 8 years of being the same way.

I liked Arnold and Helga's talk by the dumpsters. So natural for Arnold to want to help Helga out, but he doesn't realize his attention is so focused on her all the time, that she has a special place in his heart.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/30/2018 c7 21The Rhombus
Now this is part of Helga that we seldom see – her actually going towards significant violence, smashing faces instead of egos or deposing paper in someone’s hair. Though, as Arnold could see, she was being pushed way too hard, being struck at her one weak point. I suspect Arnold is especially sympathetic to her actions here as he can see why going after one’s family is a step over the unspoken line. It is one berserk button that both he and Helga shares.

The confrontation with Gerald, and both Arnold and Phobe calling him out on his harshness, is also something that needed to be said. One cannot fault Gerald for his caution and cynicism in the face of Helga’s excesses, but Arnold, as he does, can see under the façade of anger and violence. I do share Gerald’s concern that Arnold might be the victim of that façade before all is said and done, however.

And wow at this dialogue:

"I want to help you if I can," Helga heard him say with such gentleness, her emotions could barely handle it. "I don't believe you acted the way you did today simply because Harold was taunting you. He struck a nerve with something didn't he?"
"You don't want to delve any deeper than that," she replied quietly. "I'm a wreck, Arnold. The way things are going for me right now…you couldn't help no matter how hard you tried."
"I'd like to anyway. I haven't forgotten what you did for me a few weeks ago."
"You don't have to do anything because you owe me."
"You're right. I'm doing this because I want to."

And that says it all really. Arnold has removed any pretense of not knowing what Helga is doing, and she has (as much as she is capable of doing) also dropped the façade. And then the story comes out… and it seems like the situation at the household is getting especially bad, with Helga not really having the opportunity to say what she sees going on lest she risk the wrath of Bob’s hurt pride. And now Arnold has his suspicions about Helga’s mother confirmed as well. In the luck of the draw in being born with good parents, Helga has drawn a runt, seven high. Arnold’s attempt to assuage her fears and to reassure her was nice, though the conversation probably ended the best that it could. “Conversation’s over” is a better conversation ender than being shoved to the ground at least. d-;

And the ending… very interesting. Arnold has found a possible route away from the dead-end that Helga’s family finds itself, but will it develop into something better?
6/28/2018 c7 4Ajay435
Come on, Harold - learn to spot the red flags...

Excellent chapter - all those moving parts you mentioned seem to be going great XD. I love that Gerald now has both Arnold AND Phoebe ready to call him out when his cynicism goes to far, and it's nice that he just MAY be starting to come around. I'm also really enjoying the way your building Arnold and Helga's relationship through a sort of camaraderie over their sad situations; it's refreshing and different (which I know is what you're going for!)

I actually really liked the Bob moment in this chapter too - the fact that he's willing to move on, but only in certain directions, feels like a really good middle ground of realism and prideful stubbornness for his character. The Suzie twist was great! Can't wait to see if Arnold's favour can help Helga out.

Looking forward to more, as always!
6/28/2018 c7 16starfiction123
Wasp I promise to goodness you better see this story to its end. This quality us top notch! Every detail is perfected, accurate to the character and I'm aching for more...cliff hanger this and there will be consequences!
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