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6/2/2020 c16 6TheWonderfulShoe
I trust you, I do! But...just gonna cry over here until then. QQ
6/2/2020 c15 TheWonderfulShoe
;-; *sob* Oh dear. This is rough. But...it's something. Maybe writing? I don't know if he would be the type to rip it up. I hope that he might read it, even if it took some processing. Maybe a public apology to correct the public humiliation? ...eventually, Helga, you have to come through the fears you have and be ready to move forward, if you want this to work. Obviously, something's gotta give...if you don't decide what, the decision will keep being made in outbursts until you don't get to decide anymore...
6/2/2020 c14 TheWonderfulShoe
...some things are hard to make amends for. You better start facing this head on and coming to terms with what you did, what it means, and how to make things right.

As for Arnold...ouch. Poor thing. He was right that he had to get her alone. But maybe this situation will help her face that she needs to make a real change. I think you might need to come clean, Helga...about your feelings, your fears...all of it. And ask him to forgive you. And not be surprised and try to push through if he says it would take time to get over how you treated him. Especially knowing where his head has been, lately.
6/2/2020 c13 TheWonderfulShoe
...ugh, Helga. *facepalm* That was a mistake, for sure...
6/2/2020 c12 TheWonderfulShoe
Oof, feelings! They're tough.
6/1/2020 c11 TheWonderfulShoe
Aww, that was super sweet and fun. I am a sap, so I am hoping things progress okay from here...but since there are several more chapters, I assume it'll be a little bit of a struggle, anyway! Still...I just want them to get their happiness. Haven't they both suffered enough? Part of me just wants to leave the suffering to real life, I suppose! XD Oh well. Very excited to keep reading soon!
6/1/2020 c10 TheWonderfulShoe
Ooh goodness. How can you say "What could go wrong?" like that, and then have the AUDACITY to insist I won't be disappointed?! THIS SUDDENLY FEELS LIKE A TRAP. HELP. HELP! I AM BEING TRAPPED! D:
6/1/2020 c9 TheWonderfulShoe
This is awesome! I really like baseball! And so do they...this makes it up to be what it is TO THEM, and it's fantastic.

Helga and Arnold...what a moment. I love it.
6/1/2020 c8 TheWonderfulShoe
Aww...she knew? Is it because he said things would be okay? Like he knew a secret? ...Helga...you deserve some happiness, too. Maybe youtwo can rely on each other, this time.
6/1/2020 c7 TheWonderfulShoe
Oh! Are you kidding me?! That is...incredible luck, actually. Wow. Small world, small world...
6/1/2020 c6 TheWonderfulShoe
Aww...was it Big Bob? Miriam? Olga coming? Gerald's warning? ...I need to know! At least I can keep reading. XD; One of the rare times I am glad I didn't immediately see a story!
6/1/2020 c5 TheWonderfulShoe
Okay fine. XD I acknowledge it. I am rooting for her to pull out of that cycle NOW! So, yeah...Arnold and Gerald noticed. Because she is usually bad on Arnold. Like...real bad. But...maybe it won't end up being Something for the school? Not like pre-k. This is still a bad age for bullying, but...maybe as 6th graders, they can let not being a huge jerk slide...?
6/1/2020 c4 TheWonderfulShoe
...wow. I was thinking of catching up and commenting at the end...but I can't! The characterization is too good, and the description of his depression are too real. It doesn't just go away that easy...but sometimes come-to moment kind of matters...

I wonder how Helga having played a central roll in it will matter, here? And/or the journal still in the room?
5/27/2020 c22 2yingyang90
very cute story!
4/10/2020 c11 4Cuervi
Hello, I'm reading this Hey Arnold fic, I already read the other two that you wrote and I liked them. the comment is from google translator and associates because I don't know English ... But well I understand or think I understand, who knows ... I leave it in the middle because I must sleep and comment in the middle of the fic, Those three stories hooked me But I think you should wait and sleep apart. They waited two years until the end of this fic, because it should be me who reads everything together, well, why did I find it recently? Does the latter read everything? ... In this case, the one who reaches the last has the advantage of not being in the unknown in history. Although it is false because I left it halfway ... I read the last one if it was complete, although I also read that there will be a continuation or a misunderstanding. ... Well, I liked it and I liked the touches. What did you put to TJM, although in this case it would never happen? ... Or in the next if I saw the newspaper and TJM could only take more time than necessary, well no ... the film took 17 years ... I will read it tomorrow and comment at the end, but now it is half way. .. It would be a very fast hare, but the turtles already reached the goal a long time ago ... I liked it and I hope to be at the goal when you start your next hey arnold fic. bye
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