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3/11/2020 c22 Deepvoice'06
I love the fact they're young teenagers in this, and I really can't wait to see a lot of puberty stuff and firsts happen in your new story. If it's mostly about Arnold and Helga adventuring with lots of romantic moments, I can't wait for more!

Off topic-P:S: I've got one full time job now (Finally!) I'll keep in touch. I should be starting the podcasts within the next two months.
3/11/2020 c22 21The Rhombus
Now this certainly is an interesting jump forward. So now we get to see the end result, with Arnold finding his parents again, but we are left with the pressing question: how did we get to this point? As such this both settles the question of where things end, while also ending on a cliff-hanger. A very interesting and effective hook for the next story. I eagerly look forward to seeing how you answer this pressing question in the next story. :)
3/10/2020 c22 23Kryten
I can’t wait to see your take on TJM.
3/10/2020 c22 26The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
Excellent ending, and excellent story!
2/3/2020 c21 21The Rhombus
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a hook into another adventure. :) I look forward to seeing where this goes.
1/30/2020 c21 16starfiction123
Oooh u teeeaaassseeee
1/30/2020 c21 5Yami Dragoness

1/30/2020 c21 40Tsukimine12
Wahooo! Adventure! :)
1/29/2020 c21 Deepvoice06
You already know I loved reading them making out, right? I can't wait to see how you illustrate their teenage relationship in your sequel! Something tells me you're physical and romantic moments between them Is going to drive me wild! Great ending, can't wait for the sequel!
1/29/2020 c21 22Call Me Nettie
Ahh, I see a San Lorenzo themed story on the Horizon, no? I'm glad to see them so happy together, it makes the Shortaki lover in me give a little squeal.
1/29/2020 c21 23Kryten
Actually... I kinda guessed that The Jungle Movie Alternate Edition was coming. :)
1/15/2020 c20 21The Rhombus
The intertwining of the transition from elementary school to middle school with the transition in Helga and Arnold's relationship was a masterful touch in this chapter. This is because both transitions entail mixed emotions - hope, fear, and uncertainty. They both also entail confronting old memories - good and bad - and wondering what the future may hold. The mentioning that students who had siblings in Middle School would have an easier time transitioning also entailed a bit of an echo here - as Arnold is helped along by the words of his grandmother who has had previous experience with what he is going through.

Rhonda's scheme works masterfully in putting both Arnold and Helga in the same place, at the same time. The final resolution was very pleasing to read, as they finally admit their feelings without further drama or angst. Now their relationship has finally gone full circle.

As things have been resolved quite nicely here, I am a bit uncertain what could be added to this tale except for a bit of an epilogue. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you very much for an awesome story. :)
1/11/2020 c20 7AllegroGiocoso
Love the way you captured the transition from elementary to middle school. Also how you’re going back to the beginning of the story and recalling Arnold’s depression. Really surprised also by Grandma’s confession of her role in Grandpa’s series, and her sage advice to Arnold in these pivotal moments. Love how you couch all this in her amusing way of speaking some really important content.

Really love the suspense you’re building as Arnold and Helga eye each other, so close yet so far … Love how all seems lost during the speech. The Rhonda-Helga interaction is amazing, I love how Helga’s true self came so naturally out. Nice twist to have Rhonda to light the final spark!

Truly awesome to see how Rhonda was able to wiggle Arnold out of that. Love seeing Arnold asking Helga to stay and the vivid imagery you use to capture the scene. Love them finally having a heart to heart and understanding each other. Most of all love Helga’s confession, it is just really emotional and well-done. Arnold’s confession is just as beautiful, love all the details you put around this! And love how you handled the ending when everyone discovers them.

An all around joy to read! Thanks so much for writing!
1/6/2020 c20 rclarksworld
YES! What else is there to say? Well, I suppose I could say that this chapter absolutely makes the despair they went through worth it!
1/5/2020 c20 Deepvoice'06
(Too tired to sign in)


Ahem, sorry. My HA! obsession is showing... but I suppose I need to comment on your chapter before this one first. I loved that one too, and honestly had no clue where you were going with Rhondas party. After Rhonda confronted Arnold, I was left in awe. Also, the theory that Arnold had always used Helga as a substitute to not having his parents, and always loved her, was beyond amazing. I loved the way you wrapped up all that, especially with that talk with his grandma... cuz for once you caught me out of left field with that one. Dont know how your going to wrap it up because everything's perfect with this right now. Dont see how anyone, including me can top that last kiss Arnold stole before Helga snapped at Rhonda (and would have ruined another chance with Arnold) And yes, Helga no longer has to worry about being rejected, by anymore. Goodness... Arnold made Helga the replacement for the hole in his heart... no wonder he was so depressed when Helga shattered him...

Wonderful job! And forgive the long wait for a reply. Stupid jobs... actually I should be asleep right now, but was dying to read this.
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