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for Sasuke's No Good Very Bad Teammates

9/17 c4 Hawks27
Ohhh now I see. They time traveled.
9/17 c1 Hawks27
I’ve only read the first chapter but did they swap bodies or something?.
9/16 c32 1eyboT
This gotta be on of the best fics ever made. Always makes me feel good when i read it.
7/22 c15 Chaney2250
How in the heck have I JUST NOW found this thing?! I'm over here giggling while I'm supposed to be working!
6/13 c11 Mecaldar
Can you really put a gender on some one that can shape shift into sword and throwing stars as well as male and female? Hell I just say put all ninja as yes and be done with it.
5/23 c7 Vishw
I guess Hinata wasn't important enough for this time traveler Naruto to be saved from Neji's slaughter.

Enjoyable story otherwise!
4/19 c32 Zeke Hooper
what a good story.
4/15 c1 Guest
I’m guessing that Sakura and Naruto are in a time loop and they keep dying at the wave arc? But they don’t realize that they are both stuck in a loop? I think this is what the premise of the story is might be wrong though.
4/8 c2 Seriksays
I’m all for fix it fics but they just got beat by a chunin they beat as genins.. this is bad
4/8 c1 Seriksays
Why are they so disgustingly unsubtle
3/30 c32 MisterFerris
This fanfiction has a special place in my heart considering this probably the only fanfiction that is using sexy jutsu on how easy it is to be trans or gender fluid in the Narutoverse. A very unique take on Naruto with a funny story with good writing. An amazing combination making a great fanfic classic.
3/9 c13 Natsu
I know you said nothing change in regards to Naruto being gender fluid and while I noticed there was no reason for him to be (other then you wanting it there because you support and want to express your support of the community which is great seeing as I’m part of it) the fact that Naruto has suddenly become a girl completely keeps throwing me off balance. I’m reading and seeing him be refer to as a girl and a ‘her’ and then I’m like ‘her who? Naruto? Why is he being refer to as a she through Sasuke POV oh right he is now a girl since chapter 11? Or is he still a guy who becomes a girl at random then back to a guy? Then instead of reading and enjoying my ass is over here trying to figure that out.

It feels a bit out of character of him. All the other things he did throughout the series could be seen as Naruto being the oddball that he is and really were not obvious hints. On AO3 there is this thing called TAGS that really help out in know what to expect with a story. It would probably have been better to state that Naruto would be this way from the start and including a GENDER bend tag. That way it would have been expected that Naruto would basically be Naruko rather then Naruto who is a guy who then is a girl in chapter 12 and beyond. It also retracts from the plot line as he didn’t even need to mention to Sasuke that he was a she was a he as it didn’t pertain to the plot of them leaving the village to make it better.

Geez I feel like a bit of a ass here but I’m not sure how else to say this. When writing its best to include events that shape the story and add to the plot. For example you would have a character pick up a loaded weapon or take note of said weapon sitting somewhere only to then have the character attacked by a enemy and never go for the weapon that was mention previously. Only things that pertain to the plot/character development that will also pertain to the plot and give valuable information to the readers while once again moving the plot forward should be used.

Basically. If a weapon is mention in paragraph one then that weapon will need to be used by the end of that chapter/story. I hope this doesn’t come across as rude. It’s great that you support the community though.
1/21 c11 Guest
I won't judge you personally for the him/her/them bs you added unnecessarily to this story... But I will tell you it just ruins the story for me. It makes something fun and entertaining to something political and I either have to agree or leave with. This is what you believe is true and I don't have a problem with that but I don't go to church for a similar reason. I don't need other people's views forced on me.
12/28/2022 c1 6queenfirst
time for my annual re-read of this classic
12/28/2022 c3 Kazuki King
Correct me if I am wrong but did Sakura just became a mother-hen and bashed through ROOT HQ to 'save' a fox?
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