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1/9 c25 33Samaritan Prime
Ah, Mario Kart. Never a more truer test of one's relationships has been made.
1/9 c23 Samaritan Prime
This is GOLDEN. Especially Steve actually understanding pop culture references and using them to annoy other people.
1/9 c14 Samaritan Prime
Good old LEGOs- building more things than fictional spacefaring superweapons.

Also, "weird future science" is a perfect explanation for the shenanigans afoot in Stark Tower.
1/9 c13 Samaritan Prime
1/9 c11 Samaritan Prime
Nice to see Bucky getting into the SWING of things.
1/9 c10 Samaritan Prime
Glad to see that Steve's crossing Star Trek off of his list.
1/9 c9 Samaritan Prime
Okay, that translation just hurts my heart.
1/9 c8 Samaritan Prime
I love how Steve's line about feeding Sam implies that he's their pet.
1/9 c7 Samaritan Prime
I'm not surprised that Steve didn't know not to put metal things in the microwave.

I WAS surprised Bucky knew, but then Clint was involved. Of course.
1/8 c6 Samaritan Prime
I love how Nat is basically the three lads' sister.

Well, when everyone's not trying to put Steve and Natasha together, anyway.
1/8 c5 Samaritan Prime
Mesees HYDRA baddie) Oh, lads?

Steve, Sam,Bucky: GET HIM! (proceed to beat the snot outta HYDRA baddie)
1/8 c4 Samaritan Prime
You know what would have been awesome? Steve and Bucky having to navigate modern life and offering commentary on how weird our modern culture is.

Also, Sam Wilson ducking out at the mention of Avril Lavigne. MUAHAHAHA!
1/8 c3 Samaritan Prime
Poor Bucky.
1/8 c2 Samaritan Prime
I didn't know Kool-Aid went back that far.
1/8 c1 Samaritan Prime
Bucky would later buy Sam a card for Mother's Day.
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