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for WWE: Torn Between Loyalty and Love

7/5/2019 c2 143Scarlet has Fantasy Issues
I really, really, really enjoyed reading this! You have some talent, my lovely! Even if I didn't know who some of the wrestlers were, I felt like I could understand what was going on here! Great job! -Scarlet
4/2/2018 c2 685xXBalorBabeXx
Aww, I love their daughter's name!
4/1/2018 c1 2calwitch
So happy that Sami waited patiently for her and understood where she was coming from. He proved to her that he was hers. I'm happy she found someone who will treat her right. I can't believe Roman was such a dick! Made a speech on how they missed her, love her and wanted her back and that they've changed. She risked herself and trusted them only to have Roman the dictator essentially made her wait again while they got it on in the bathroom. So glad she punched him in the nose! Should've kicked him in the nuts as well...
3/21/2018 c1 24nolabell66
Congratulations on your first story.

You can't keep pushing people away telling them to wait. Glad she found Sami.
3/20/2018 c1 763Skovko
Congratulations with posting your first wrestling story.
3/20/2018 c1 685xXBalorBabeXx
Billie's right, they don't know what it's like to be left out like they left her out. I love this, awesome job.

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