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11/24 c5 12Yami Shino
I'm sad that some bad reviews will make you stop. personally the only thing that bothers me is that by reading several of your fics some beginnings are identical. I therefore quickly skip these passages to go directly to the new story. it's a shame you're stopping, because your texts are imaginative and pleasant to read
8/20 c5 isekeilife
Please don't stop you are amazing writer Those people are common trollers please don't leave
2/29 c5 ArghThePirate
Hey, I think you're writing is good! Don't let the words of a few naysayers get you down, you're doing great, and I would love to read more! :-) Thanks so much, and please keep up the great work!
1/10 c1 ElixabethTudor
I was really enjoying the story. I’m sorry someone thought it was acceptable to make you think your work wasn’t worth anything.
To reiterate, I thought your story was well written
7/3/2019 c5 A Reader
Thanks for the story and sorry that someone ruined this for you
6/27/2019 c5 To LazyToSignIn
No! Why? I was enjoying this and it's a s*** load better than I could ever write. Please come back, ignore the haters. Many of the can't write well, or have no talent, so they teardown what is better. Either to make themselves feel better or other reasons.
But please, continue with this story. The concept is so original and your portrayal and inner workings of the characters so well done and believable. I would really like to see this story continue and see where it goes.
You write to escape. I read to escape. Seems we could help each other out.
Keep writing, babe. And hold your head high. because you truly have talent.
6/26/2019 c5 Avi
Meh as a fellow artist I’ll give u this tip. Don’t give a shit. Take info however harsh it is, as fellow humans they have an allowance to say whatever that say. Well some of em are uncultured swines but hey it’s them not you. As an artist I gotta wear tough clothes to protect the the pretty soul.

As on your work. While it’s not on the master level it’s still pretty good. And I’m hella picky about what I read. In my honest opinion you are doing an awesome work.
It would be pity if you gave up for some swines.
6/26/2019 c5 1SernaJ
I'm so sorry you had to go through that... your writing is certainly not shit, it's good, very good. I can't speak for any of your other stories, but this one I was looking forward to reading more. Honestly I really don't understand haters, I've hated/disliked plenty of things on this website, but if that happened, I just stopped reading. It obviously wasn't for me. You authors put out hours of work, that you don't get paid for, because you want to share your stories with readers... I have like no imagination so I'm really grateful for you... please don't let others put you down, but don't hesitate to take all the time you want, sorry for rambling there a bit but I had to put that off my chest
6/25/2019 c5 llpi
Did you delete the negative reviews? All the ones I just read were positive. I like this story and hope you decide to continue it. It is far better written than many I have seen on this site.
6/25/2019 c5 Hercules
You shouldt let haters win. If you like wriring then do, but dont let others undermine you. Be srong ,, be brave and, if you wish, keep the good work and update. I will be w8ing for sure. Gope 4 the best xxz
6/25/2019 c5 MagmaLich
Writing is a process and the more you write the more you will get better but I dont see what those reviews were talking about since this idea is interesting and the writing style isn't bad.
You said that this was a retreat for you. You cant please everybody and not everyone even knows what they are talking about. So please if this helps you, don't stop.
6/25/2019 c5 2rozenmiko
I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been less than desirable. I can't stand people who flame a story just because they don't find it exactly how they want it to be. If someone does not enjoy your work, that's their problem. Don't like, don't read. It does not reflect badly on you as a person or your writing preferences. If there's a problem with grammar or punctuation, the right thing to do is to respectfully direct the author's attention to it. Not to call them names and say they have no skill at all. They're human, not perfect.

I hope you decide to continue this story (and writing in general) regardless of rude, inconsiderate people. Please know that they don't make up even a notable percentage of this community. If not, thank you for contributing. Personally, I've never come across this particular spin on such an old trope. Thank you for sharing.
6/25/2019 c5 Outerjay
sad to see you go i was quite enjoying what has been written so far
6/25/2019 c5 MajorChaos13
Reallt sorry to hear that you have had the worst humans givw you such grief ocer your work. As someone who has read most of the hp work on this site i can tell you that this is a good story so far. I hope you dont give up on wrting this as i camt reacall such a harry potter story before where he thinks voldermort is both himself and his father and the killer of his actual parents. This mess of emotions and feeling is quite fresh and i was really hoping to see more come out of it. Hope things get better and you Will be able to carry on. If not thank you for wrirting what you have so far amd adding this concept to the fandom
7/4/2018 c4 vampire moonlight
update soon please
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