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1/18 c3 Guest
Ngl this story is kinda cringe
12/22/2021 c6 Guest
Hey when's u bring RID Bumblebee with his team along with Windblade. Can u some how make Animated Sent. insult all the Bumblebee's and then suddenly RID Bumblebee defends his counter parts and insult Sent. The reaction when everyone finds out who he is and that he no longer a Scout but a Warrior and an Leader who was sent back to protect Earth once again by Optimus
9/30/2021 c6 JMaxV
Can they please react to the Bumblebee Movie? I'd love to see their reactions to BayVerse Bumblebee and his past on Earth!
9/29/2021 c6 kspencer1132
can you do one where they all watch the bumblebee movie an dcould yo uplease finish this fic its my all time favourite fic and i need to see what happens next
9/16/2021 c6 Dragonlove3
Hey, you know ‘transformers:rescue bots’? I think a good story idea would for the people of griffin rock to watch the show and see all the different adventures the rescue bot have been on. It could take place after the first episode of the fourth season where the population of the island finally learn about the transformers being aliens, if there is such a story please tell me, because I haven’t found one like that.
9/15/2021 c6 tgranger2004
Can they react to Transformers: Power of the Primes?
9/6/2021 c6 Guest
Ok that barricade x bumblebee part was so fucking cringe and I hope you never do that shit again
8/27/2021 c4 MonoChrome218
Please update soon...
8/11/2021 c1 2Snowleopard138
Please update soom
7/22/2021 c6 7samuraimatrix1
please Update Soon
7/22/2021 c6 samuraimatrix1
Please update
7/4/2021 c6 Guest
Hi please update the story so I can read more of the story please
7/3/2021 c6 martinez.emmac
Update soon this is amazing also I kinda feel sorry for megatron if you do the bumblebee movie lol
6/28/2021 c6 Trisha-marie
Hi I love the story please update more so I can read more of the story
6/29/2021 c1 14Brandon Vortex
Okay after bayverse them reacts to G1 and later beast wars which ever you wanted it
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