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6/17/2020 c1 Jo
*laughing at this*
Elliot: Get your boyfriend a Valentines present!
Sophie: Chocolate and flowers!
Elliot: Cook dinner for him? Wait, no, Parker! Don't cook dinner for him!
Nate: Nope.
Parker: *gives him plane tickets*
Hardison: I love you.
Parker: *gives him a Dalek*
Hardison: REALLY?! *squeals like a girl*
1/4/2020 c1 63Readergirl37
I love the way you write these characters.
It was so in character with "not that Parker ever gets sick but… other people." because Parker would absolutely not believe she was sick.

"Eliot says, voice all gruff and pretending like he doesn’t really care either way in a way that just makes it clear that he does.

Sometimes Eliot’s even worse than she is about this mushy friendship stuff."
This was so cute. This is so in character and amazing.

"“What are you doing in my apartment Parker? How did you even get in- you know what, never mind. What do you want?” Eliot says the next afternoon."
I can't believe he's still asking those questions. Silly Eliot, you should know better by now.

" though is it still a wardrobe when it’s actually filled with a knife collection?"
Yes. That makes it the knife wardrobe.
I adore the way you show us Parker's thought process and how she asks the team for help.
I love that she came up with the perfect gifts by herself because she does love him and pretzels. And she knows him. She does and it came from the heart and you gave me feelings.

Parker would absolutely steal a Dalek you are completely right.
3/21/2018 c1 10HonestBee
I LOVE this! You got Parker's voice and nuances perfectly, as well as everyone else...I laughed out loud at Nate's not-so-strategic retreat, especially. These two are so adorable together.

And yes, Parker would absolutely steal a Dalek.
3/21/2018 c1 MissCampbell
Great characterization love it
They’re so adorable together
Relationship goal OTP

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