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for Why Can't You Just Love Me Back?

9/3 c1 wV7w4
Veri n1c3xbbst0rijg
4/5 c6 1jjjan1125
awwwwwww. .. what a happy ending! <3
4/5 c6 jjjan1125
ayyyyy last chapter ;D
4/4 c6 12Kaehari
And here we have the last chapter. It really makes me wonder whether Hei cared about Suou, because as much as I think he did, using her to get the Meteor shard the way he did was pretty mean...

Overall, great and interesting story! Maybe you will write something more? ;)
4/4 c5 1jjjan1125
yay I like short stories
3/30 c4 jjjan1125
yesssssssss she found out!
3/30 c4 12Kaehari
Wow, two new chapters *.* And such interesting ones... Yin makes an appearance (I love her being mistaken as Hei's girlfriend) and we get a lot of action... Great work, as always :)
3/29 c3 1jjjan1125
3/25 c2 12Kaehari
Oh. So it's like Suou has a crush on Hei from the first season... That's even worse for Suou :
It's one thing to fall for an older student, but if said student talks to cat contractors, then it's on another level entirely... ;)
This is getting more and more interesting and I'm happy you updated. Also, thank you for the review response, you're so sweet :)
3/23 c1 Kaehari
We do not have much activity in DTB fandom right now, so hello :)
I love the idea of Suou being one-sidedly in love with Hei. Only in my case Hei is in love with Yin at the same time as I am a heavy Hei/Yin shipper :)
Anyway, your story starts very interesting and I look forward to reading more chapters :)

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