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for how to disown your dad

4/27 c1 Punishedraiden1
Loved it
2/1 c1 1Dead Ends
I enjoyed that way nore than I expected. Especially with all the grammatical mistakes
12/4/2020 c1 LKturtledove
Question. Why did shirou/souma question if it’s wrong to call someone you respect shishou? I thought it was a term for a teacher/mentor that you respect? They’re Japanese, so if it’s true shouldn’t they know that already? Did I get it wrong?
12/3/2020 c1 Ross7404
Is it good if I send you some wines?
8/15/2020 c1 Guest
Very impressive for one made while drunk. I wish my mind was this coherent.
7/22/2020 c1 gerahdz.sanchez
Everytime I read this story ,it’s still incredible
5/19/2020 c1 HmmmkayBoomer
9/17/2019 c1 1MysticRising
Ahahahahaha! I love it! It's not "my stomach is hurting, oh gods why does it hurt, shit I'm dying!" Funny but it's still quite amusing
9/16/2019 c1 2Derich
If this is what you write while you are drunk... where can I send you more beer?

Thanks for the laughs :)
6/22/2019 c1 LuxKamizugi
Instant fav! But still, I don't know how I feel about the final arc of ShokuSoma
5/14/2019 c1 DarkrangerZero
This is hilarious! Loved the [Memories of Fuyuki] set as well as a glimpse in UBW.
4/21/2019 c1 201deapool101
Love it
I feel like what they described as happiness was exactly Carnival Phantasm. Now I wanna watch that again.
2/19/2019 c1 Anon
And that's people, exactly why you should write while you're drunk.

I appreaciate the storyn it's a nice, funny and warm one and thank you for sharing it!

Thanks drunk man/woman/dog/cat/robot/alien/whatever-you-might-be!
2/6/2019 c1 Morgoslos
This is awful. There's massive amount of grammar errors, to begin with, and others errors besides that.

Even if the reader was willing to accept that, the story is all over the place and there's a lot of missing information. This story can only be somewhat understood if someone is very familiar with the entirety of Food Wars and Fate.

It's trash. Which is a shame, because the concept was an amusing one. At least, in a vacuum. The extremely poor execution ruined it completely.
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