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for Hidden Among the Trees Above the Dead

8/25 c3 7Ada1229
If you have a sign of an impending zombie apocalyspe and you are filthy rich you go ham with your purchases. You buy solar powered generators and back up generators a plenty to power whatever you need long into the future. You buy plant beds or materials for plant beds, seeds, clean dirt and whatever else you need to grow your own food. You absolutely keep away from other people so you have food and supplies to last you through the roughest seasons. And like she has a thought too you stay off the ground (both you and your equipment/supplies) so the dead simply can't reach you.

And if you have magic like Hyacinth you absolutely use it to the full extent you know to, to hide yourself, your shelter and your equipment and supplies from wandering humans
8/19 c10 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming please it is good I need more
8/18 c10 MSS
Dobby is still alive, right? Because I imagine that he could probably find a whole hoard of them. Not to mention he was always loyal to Harry until the end in canon. I was actually about to ask about Teddy until the end of this chapter. It’s still sad that She had to lose more family. Please update soon I absolutely adore this fanfic and it’s hard to find good ones that are updated regularly.
8/16 c10 1Kittens Kat
8/11 c10 Guest
Que like 500 popping up everywhere all at once... Like Naruto Shadow Clones! Some of them bring babies/kids of all ages and Beings. Those Habitat trunks could be about to come in really handy.
8/9 c7 whattthe
first several chapters indicate her life sob story and strong independence. All of that was blown away in this chapter. Getting pushed over and the reality that no one is questioning the amount if items and weapons are in the bag. lol.
8/9 c10 mallarieTwinkies
amazing story
8/8 c10 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more
8/8 c10 Elfin69
i was so hoping that Remus and Tonks would survive with little Teddy, but am glad that she saved him. I do have a feeling that she will not even try to help Lori to survive if she keeps up her attitude and actually will leave the group if needed and go back to her treehouse since now Luna and Neville know where it is.
8/5 c10 1srlotatwar
I am finding myself annoyed with how passive everyone is being with Lori, I hate her Canon character anyway so thay could be clouding my opinion as well but I don't understand why Hyacinth is letting her get away with calling them freaks
8/3 c10 Skywolfychan
This is such a good story! I can't wait for next chapter.
8/1 c10 godess bubbles
Aw she's still the Godmother of Teddy! I'm so glad that she got to him in time!
7/31 c10 AvalonRivers
So sad about Remus and Tonks! Cried my eyes out. Thanks for the update!
7/31 c10 jessjustice87
I love the new chapter so glad Teddy was saved but sad about Remus and Tonks. I'm happy that the kittens were taken. Keep up the great work can't wait for the next chapter Please Keep Updating.
7/30 c10 10Plumalchemyst
Please continue this I need more
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