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8/26 c3 9JessicaL1963
7/18 c9 2little miss michelle
Another wonderful chapter!
7/18 c8 little miss michelle
I adore this chapter! Love the sweet wanda and bucky moments! Hoping for more!
5/16 c9 wordless.whispers
This story is so wholesome. Love your way of bringing both humour and trauma to the chapters. Can’t wait to read more
4/5 c9 Guest
Perfect ending! I absolutely loved this story, and I would like another chapter pleaseeee!
4/5 c8 Guest
I don't know, but it kinda sounds like Steve and Bucky are sharing a bed and that makes me happy for some reason
4/4 c7 Guest
The story: shit eating grin
Steve breaking the fourth wall: SWEAR JAR!
4/4 c6 Guest
Steve's ass in a thong
3/27 c9 Guest
Wooooo I absolutely loved this story
3/27 c8 Guest
One of the best things Bucky has ever put in his mouth sorryyyy
3/27 c8 Guest
*loving, and uh, after chapter nine whoops. Clarification is important
3/27 c7 Guest
Quarantine sucks. Hey this was updated recently! Can't wait for next chapter, living it already
3/27 c6 Guest
I noticed that Clint denies stealing Steve's thong, not that Steve actually has one.
3/27 c5 Guest
Wow, thanks for the references! Had to listen to honky tonk badonkadonk and it's HILARIOUS. I can't put this story down, save for sleeping.
3/26 c5 3ZileRacer
Aww, it's cute that Clint adopted Wanda. I can totally see that happening. Natasha though... kinda weird xd
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