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9/13 c37 Sento Uzumaki
Have you thought about Itachi x Bleach fanfic Crossover?
9/12 c37 Guest
Love this story, can’t wait for more!
9/7 c37 JohnDune21
Here's hoping Itachi severely wounds, or eliminates a few memebers of the Hero Faction in this fight just to establish the threat he poses to them. But Itachi will have his work cut out for him.
9/2 c14 10Marcii Winters
But, yeah, I guess it is a bit too early for him to be defeating Godlike beings right now
8/30 c37 General Aladeen
Why is Ophis so determined to have Itachi awaken the EMS cause even though it may be a power boost, it cannot help to really defeat the Red Dragon. Is there more to the Power or does she want him to become as strong or stronger than Shibai Otsutsuki due to the extremely distant Ancestry which could then become a stepping stone to unlocking and accessing the power to absorb the energy or worlds? A little bit of a stretch i know but still. Wait is the Unseen one SHIBAI OTSUTSUKI?
A being technically Unseen and who has ascended to a Higher Dimensional Plane discarding his body, technically not a Naruto but Boruto character, schemes like the Parasite he is who perhaps wishes to gain more power? Makes his desires into Reality, apparently achieved Godhood,

Could perhaps Shibai have given Itachi some of his DNA to create/manifest the powers of his EMS to reflect/be similar to the powers of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, Izanagi and Izanami thus why he can use the weapons too? It kinda makes a lot of sense but still, just theorising.
Anyway Aladeen work and in a relation to chapter 26, it reminded me a lot about this scene watch?v3Xx4NbPkHGM&ppygUVVGhlIHdhciBkb2N0b3IgZHIgd2hv
For a little bit of Context, read the comment of turtleboy991. It is not entirely the same i know but it is kinda similar to my mind.
Anyway, have a Aladeen day and looking forward to 38. Aladeen luck.
8/26 c37 GuEsT
Hey I don't know if anyone has asked this or not nor do i remember much from the Original story line but i feel there is more to the relationship of Ophis and Itachi. Ophis obviously wants Itachi for his potential power of the 5 YKWs along with the chance/possibility to mutate it beyond Shibai Otsutsuki's power to kill the Great Red but i can't help but feel there may be more to it. Ophis treats Itachi quite affectionately in some of the interactions. I may be speculating though i am not saying it is romantic love but rather quite maybe Motherly... ish? In my case, Itachi's story, philosophy, good nature, loyalty, cunning, battle smarts, wisdom, sacrifice and personality all is personally someone i like a lot especially in the case of sacrifice. I view Itachi as a great human being whom when you get to know underneath, you sympathise and have a better nihilistic yet stoicism (closest opposite i can find) understanding of the world and makes you hopeful for the future or at least that's how i came to think of things seeing Itachi. Itachi's story is sad yet inspiring in a way. Maybe Ophis saw that too and treats Itachi with affection a little more than Vali, Bikou, Arthur and the others. Or maybe she saw story through the point of view/eyes of his Mother Mikoto or something. Maybe i am just speculating. Anyway good build up chapter and can't wait for 38 and the awakening. It'll be interesting to see Odin's, Amaterasu's, Tsukuyomi's, Susanoo's (hah, Susan), his sister's and everyone's reaction to seeing/sensing the power of the EMS being familiar yet very different/alien and yet the same (maybe they'll figure out Itachi's from an alternative universe due to centuries of thinking/knowledge). Take it slow and good luck in writing chapter 38.
8/24 c37 NaruCrazy
In every fanfiction no one from hero faction dies even after all their evil shit. Hoping for something different cuz Itachi ain't soft-hearted like Naruto.
8/24 c37 codywhite162
Excellent chapter yet again! Really looking forward to finding out what happens next
8/23 c37 2merendinoemiliano
Very well written
8/21 c37 fallendemon248
Heres an idea if bob runs out of time get gasper to freeze time in a certain spot and let bob do his 10 minute cooldown and meditate to get back his 23hour state
8/21 c37 TheHiddenLettuce
oh i cant wait for the ems to come out and itachi just flex all over cao cao, and then "the unseen one" i hope itachi either gets told about or sees them for himself and eventually his past will come out and im super excited for how the world will react to that
8/21 c37 Guest
Me encanta como va la historia, pero por favor no traigas otros Shinobis a la historia, ya lo hicistes con los ojos del demonio y aunque haya sido de una forma coerente me gusta mas como está ahora en esta historia
8/21 c37 andresskorskiruiz
Yes! Time to see The Clan Killer kicks Cao Cao's ass! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
I hope to see a very brutal version of itachi in this fight!

Amazing chapter as always, keep going!
8/21 c37 7zakan
And, meanwhile, Roswise opinion of Bob goes like this: "I want im to skrew me until his seed comes out of my ears!" jajajajajajajajajajajaja, poor virgin valkirie
8/21 c37 Guest2001
for this "unseen one" my first thought it could be either Shisui, but i was like no cause he' dead but possible see them through Itachi's mind, but im stuck on Shisui or any other person, but the rice's gonne be hard to spot _
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