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for Itachi Sitri

6/19 c31 Guest
Update please
6/12 c31 JohnDune21
Great chapter, I was wondering, if you are going to write chapters that would expand Itachi's relationship with his peerage.
6/7 c31 andresskorskiruiz
Nice chapter!
5/30 c31 Guest
please update
5/26 c31 razmire
The fact that Diodora was effectively erased from existence was a nice finishing touch to a well deserved painful death.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/19 c31 Guest
Everyone: grows stronger and trains
Its hi: nah man I’m good I’ll just wait for my magic eyeballs
5/18 c31 Guest
it's time for a lemon
5/9 c22 Guessing
I was thinking about... if Itachi marry with Rias, she become Rias Sitri and let the heir status of Gremory to Milicas right?.
Or maybe Sitri is a clan similar to the Leviathan who the female is who heir the surname and let the males in second place?.
5/8 c8 Jack
So...you consider 10 people to be a small harem? I tried really hard to like this story. It seems though that like most people in this fandom you are a horny dipshit who only cares about big ass titties. I wish you well.
5/8 c11 Gaddyboy
I guess the fanfic isn't a bad time waster. But it's not all that good. Seems to just copy paste issei interactions and replace them with itachi. Not any originality in these first dozen or so chapters. If you're looking for something fresh, or that enriches the world, move on. This ain't it. At least in the first dozen or so chapters. But who knows, that might change
5/8 c4 Gaddyboy
... genjutsu uses chakra. I get that it's not flashy or cool, but c'mon man. At least use the resources provided in the world. Like yojutsu being compatible with sharingan, not unbeatable chakra shenanigans
5/7 c28 Jxco
Gabriel: Serafall your brother is so cute.
Serafall explode.
Sirzechs, Ajuka and Falbium trying to stop her*
5/3 c31 Guest
Yum yum eto keeps eating. How big is her kakuja now?
5/1 c8 2tobikempachi
Rebellion isnt almost like UBW but instead of making copies of already analized weapons she will make them?
4/30 c31 Guest
This by far the best fanfic i have read.. Pliz keep updating
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