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3/1 c2 bonkxd
should add that this is crossover you mention fate all the fucking time
2/10 c5 adammitchell1997
If your going to train issei, then atleast don't make him a pervert otherwise he's gooing to perv on mc love interests.
1/24 c14 2DarthBill
I'm sure you've gotten reviews like this before for this chapter, but here goes.

You've misunderstood how black works. In order for something to appear "black", it must ABSORB all light that hits it and reflect nothing. That is why black clothes feel warmer; it is absorbing energy. That is why space is black, because it is not casting any light.
1/23 c4 prince awsome
dropping, this is one of those help issei be the mc , while the mc is at the sidelines bs . bye hye
1/11 c4 1aperson1234567890
Alright, I was already enjoying the story but the fact that you went through the effort of the math means you get an insta favorite.
1/4 c5 Mastersgtjames
why name her ruby rose...
1/4 c3 Mastersgtjames
MC should just increase his mana quantity. Like, Cultivation or something.
1/4 c2 Mastersgtjames
IF MC can learn about abilities with his structural grasp, he should learn all the pillar abilities. Like Phenex regeneration. As well as all the other things, like Creation, BOOST, Dividing, etc.
12/21/2020 c19 Sypho Dias
Oh for God's sake why is every secret being pandered out now?! I'm starting to fucking hate serafall. Fucking spies! And stupid sirzechs! How could Millicas have trusted her without a bond!
12/21/2020 c12 Sypho Dias
Why the hell does he say he's going to get a peerage by the end of the month? Because he fucking doesn't! He's waaaay more older when he does... also it would have been so much better if valerie had joined his peerage instead of rias'. Why the hell did he give valerie to rias?! She's fucking adorable! He should have kept her!
12/6/2020 c4 2Sir Anger
Why would he give the girl with the holy grail to rias... not to mention helping issei and making him strong? What for...
11/25/2020 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
...wakanda prologue is this?
11/12/2020 c4 Waka Metalbelly
My biggest complain about this story is the author notes being way too long. And just how Broken the story flow gets when you get on your acid trip. Other than that, not bad.
9/9/2020 c12 CaptBurrito
*facepalms* it literally says they are 13 like 4 pages down. My bad guy
9/9/2020 c12 CaptBurrito
I have been thinking about this for a few chapters but, how old are all the characters? You say Millicas is 5/6 and that he is ~6 months younger than Rias. Meaning Shirone is ~3 years younger than Rias and Millicas and is around "3". Ravel is "13" which would make sense if she is Riser's twin. But what is all this about Shirone and breast growth, she is "3"?
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