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5/15 c24 Guest
Hurray! An update. I so enjoy your stories! Harry Crow is one of my favorites. I love the character development and positive vibes.
5/16 c24 1amsev
Love this story - just re-read to get to latest chapter. Now going to read one of your other delightful stories until next update to this one!
5/15 c23 amsev
Perhaps Harry should take some Diagon Alley shopkeepers not suffering from cranial rectal inversion to the magical shopping district in Italy (Naples?) to see why the Italian shopping experience is so desired. I do feel bad (only kinda, though) about Diagon Alley stores.

Loving your story so very much!
5/15 c24 bkerrmom1
I love all the fleshing out of characters and the additional information from the older story make this a great read! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
5/15 c24 karazifan
I like the story. Thanks for writing.
5/15 c24 noylj
Is "even although" some pet Scottish affliction/affectation?
In America, it is either "even though" or "although."
This is as jarring to read as "he was sat." Here it is "he sat," or "he was sitting."
Enjoy story. Glad you are still writing.
5/14 c24 27MZephyr
It was good to have another update for the story, and was fun to read. It's always nice to see a flustered Dumbledore whose plans aren't working out. I loved how Umbridge wasn't doing anything he expected of her, because he hadn't explained what was expected, and she apparently wasn't interested in asking. I kind of thought that Harry and Hermione should have done something before leaving Hogsmeade to make it obvious to Dumbledore that, yes, they *had* been on the train - something more obvious than saying hello to Hagrid, that is.

I'm fully expecting that Harry will still be entered in the tournament. I'll be interested to see how you handle that. Naturally, Harry will refuse to be present at Hogwarts except for the tasks themselves, as he will be taking all classes at his new school. Also curious what changes will derive from Voldemort getting a body before the tournament even starts.

I'm rooting for Voldemort and whatever minions are present at the time to use Slughorn's blood in the ritual.

So they're not sure what effect magic will have on the electronics in the school? Just telling the students "don't use it" seems a bit weak. I would think there would be some penalty already in place to back up the warning, to give it some teeth. Also, I'm a bit surprised - if they are unsure whether there even is a problem - that they haven't done some experiments. Not in the Institute itself, of course. But do something like buy a cheap used car, which contains various electrical components (starter, battery, spark plugs, radio, AC, etc.), then shield oneself and do magic inside the car while it's idling.

As always, looking forward to the next installment.
5/14 c24 mumphie
I was thrilled to see a new chapter! Yay! As usual, a marvelous story. Keeping fingers crossed that your muse continues to tickle you mojo! ;)
Thanks for allowing me to fritter away time, and not think about what is going on in the world. This was definitely needed!
5/13 c13 mumphie
I just had an awful, terrible, horrible idea. Heh. Not squirrel bones...TOAD! Then, when he becomes a toadman, he cannot get away from an infatuated Umbridge! Lol - but since this isn't a crack fic I guess this idea should be held back for when you decide you want to let out the crazy. ;)
5/13 c24 mattdombast
So very good.
5/12 c24 ReneeEAD
Just got caught up on all the updates after rereading from the beginning. Still love this just as much as the first time I opened it. The joy of seeing even characters like Draco manage a bit of personal growth as the ripples from PI spread out is just amazing. Thank you for continuing to do so much to entertain us!
5/12 c24 fraewyn
Loving it!
5/11 c24 lmcdanl
Umbridge is incompetent as a deputy, but Dumbledore is equally at fault for not telling her what her responsibilities were. Hogwarts seems to be falling apart. It will be interesting to see if Dumbledore enters Harry in the Goblet of Fire to try to get him back under his thumb (not that I think it would work out as Dumbledore would wish). Things at Potter Institute seem idyllic. I like Modern Studies a lot. Joan always makes me smile.
5/11 c24 56VizeerLord
I point to you as the origin of the PISS stories, and offer my PISSOFF as reflection of your great works.

You went to Italy ... I am going to Brumuda!

More please...

PS; I would have thought it Possible for Bella and 'Tom' to have crossed paths on the Ferry...
5/11 c24 ILoveGeorgeEads
i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved was great.
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