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5/18 c35 DragonShinigami
Hope to read more of this story soon. I've really enjoyed reading it. Especially loved the Granny V and shaving Dumbledore parts. I laughed when I read those parts.
18h c35 3Karatekid-Ninja
As always brilliant chapter! I am always so excited to see you have updated! Can’t wait for more xx
5/17 c35 Guest
love your writing
5/18 c35 119Shorty
Next Chapter please
5/15 c9 You Know
After he ripped into Malfoy Harry should have ripped pretty good into Molly about how her and her daughter planning to step between him and his future wife is line theft and he doubts the goblins would take that in kind in anything but straps of flesh cut off your body and feed to you. So I would recommend you keep your opinions when they are about how one spends their summer even if they had been kind enough to invite your puppy dogging daughter, two trouble making sons and their friend on holiday when we already changed or have changed our arrangements around your request. At what point does my being a LORD matter more then you opening your mouth? And this is not about change so much about if you have the right and when you need to hold your tongue and temper. Well I would never harm your family what you believe of Dumbledore or Dumbassadoor. Not withstanding, I would like to add blind faith leads to blind deaths. As in you get twisted and turned and left on your ass, follow the blind and the old will find you lost without a soul. Just look at what happen to my parents, and many others including your brothers. Well I get their was war going on, an old man demanding forgiveness is not how you end a war.

So before you get on me about this or that, you should reflected on if I honestly think my parents would be happy or unhappy by telling you quiet frankly you and Dumbassadoor planning my life to the last very step is the last thing I feel they gave up their lives for, I would also add that people celebrating the fall of Voldemort when they coward in fear rather then resist or prepare to resist, where they did not stand for their own lives and let a child bounce a killing curse off his forehead, just goes to show how ignorant and stupid they and you are by your blind behavior following someone who likely helped plot my parents deaths. So do you wish to be tagged as someone who helped him plot the death of my parents and planning line theft because I am quiet happen to inform the goblins that the danger is very real, and they should prepare to deal with that issue as soon as possible. And here I was thinking about helping you get your missing lordships back and everything, what a shame what a shame.
5/12 c35 3marisolpotter
i love the chapter, thanks for update, i wanted to read again since de begining, before i read this chapter, i love your story, i hope you update soon
5/10 c17 V2H
A novel (at least to me) approach towards Narcissa. Very Slytherin of her.
5/10 c27 2Azeri-Doni
Joan "can I get shoes with hard toes? Some of the people at Hogwarts might need their ankles kicked, and I want it to hurt then when I do."
MeThat's my teenage daughter now! "if
5/10 c35 ILoveGeorgeEads
it's great. i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
5/9 c35 MeinGimli
Hurray another Chapter finished.

Snape changing so quickly to visit a school owned and named after POTTER is a bit difficult to believe, but i just wait where you go with him.

I am waiting for the next Chapter, even when it takes a while. It will be worth the wait.

Thanks and take care
5/9 c35 2roon0
Enthralling and so enjoyable, thank you.
5/9 c35 PSay
Cornelius, Narcissa and Severus really had their eyes opened when they got to see the Institute. It makes sense that Cornelius would try to make points with the public about changes made to Hogwarts paid for by Harry would be well received. Now all they have to worry about are 4 crazy Death Eaters that will try to kill the most important people at the opening of the new teaching facility at Hogwarts. I look forward to more of this story. Thank you for the update. Sorry it took me so long to read it. I just had a surgery. I'm trying to catch up on my reading. ps
5/8 c35 17Ahmira Zaraelys
amazing chapter, looking forward to more!
5/5 c35 rbdsqrl
Other than the use of faculty instead of center, building, or facility when talking about a building. Faculty people. Great story, well written and thought out plot line. Plausible storyline within the scope of the HP universe. Except Barchoke he’s to nice.
5/4 c35 fraewyn
Love it!
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