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10/10/2019 c4 2Scribbles-on-Parchment
I hope you update soon! It has been a while!
4/20/2018 c3 9Zeiphyx
This did get totally weird lol. But good weird. You should draw Rulli for us!
4/8/2018 c3 2AraneltheSilvan
That is weird BUT GREAT
4/4/2018 c2 19AndurilofTolkien
4/4/2018 c1 AndurilofTolkien
aw poor aragorn
4/3/2018 c2 Midnight Musings and Queries
I am very excited for this to continue and I must admit, I love stories written primarily to hurt Legolas.
4/2/2018 c2 9Zeiphyx
Ahh, the suspense! I loved this chapterit was reminding me of the Ted the Caver creepypasta haha (if you don't know it, please look it up! It's awesome.). Really looking forwards to reading more!
3/30/2018 c1 2AraneltheSilvan
A little odd aye but SOUND SUPER COOL
3/28/2018 c1 9Zeiphyx
Oh this seems unusual, and promising too!
3/25/2018 c1 Useless Nazgul
Sad. Don't kill Legolas.

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