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3/26/2018 c1 26KHB123
Man, it’s really horrible! I feel so bad for Amrod because he seemed to be the only one who saw sense, but his own family, his own twin, all supported their father, who was clearly going mad. I like how it’s kind of a fifty-fifty on two different types of crazy: Feanor’s crazy and Amrod’s crazy, but Amrod’s is justified and they all realized it too late, or at least Amras did.
I guess this is why Amras continued following Fëanor and his brothers; Fëanor has his way with words and of course managed to shift the blame from him to the Teleri. Ugh! I really want to clunk Amras in the head for believing this, but I guess it’s easy to try to find anything else to blame other than both yourself and your family, especially when consumed with grief.
But still, do you think you can make another one-shot compared to this? Maybe a one-shot on Feanor’s fall in Amras’ perspective and whether or not he still thinks the same way?

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