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for Becoming who we were meant to be

7/10 c18 4Lady-Ye
Thank you for the new chapter! With tybw cour 2 airing, I needed this to soothe my Ichiruki heart!
6/30 c18 ShiroYukiChan
your story is amazing and I love your writing style! I hope you will continue this story!
6/20 c2 3bee.a bear
Omgg you're still editing?
5/23 c18 Kega Umi
Yes, we are still here
5/11 c18 39Touhoufanatic
This story is fantastic and I look forward to being able to read more.
4/23 c18 Guest
Me encanta
4/20 c18 AbbyJacks817
Really enjoying the story can't wait for chapter 19! :)
4/14 c18 3CorruptedSoul72
Good stuff. Just binged all 18 chapters and never felt more relieved, these ichiruki itches are real huh? Very well written with all the right proportions of fluff, sadness, playfulness, ect. to the point it all seems natural while reading. Loving the story so far, keep it up man! :)
4/12 c18 Tazbird
Of course we are still here it's an awesome story
4/11 c3 1Pinkypi
I thought this was AFTER the quincy arc but people still be alive that are supposed to be deaded as hell xD
4/11 c1 Pinkypi
First things first. IchiRuki all the way. Though I won't lie Ichigo going back to his original Zanpakuto look and possible bankai look was pretty awesome.

On that note. They can actually cheat here. By just physically being the ones to take her to soul society and doing the konso there. If the "rules" don't allow that attaching a tracking kido to the hell butterfly that took her ro soul society would work as well.
4/8 c18 Nolly
So glad that I stumbled on this story! Rukia is so attentive and caring, being by Ichigos and Karins side the whole time AND doing her job as a fukutaicho. The story is light with some some fluff here and there, comic relief and angst moments that keeps you interested enough to continue reading. Really love it how it‘s going. Also your writing style is great!
Im wondering who is blackmailing Atsuyo and his sister. Normally, I dont like when people throw in new characters that are not from the bleach manga but in that case, it suits because the Sereitei exists already with their shinigamis and it‘d be weird, when Karin meets old people in the academy. Also, the mistery who Atsuyo and his sister really are is interesting.
I‘d love to
4/6 c16 2HopelessRomantic183
So, normally I wouldn’t make a comment about this, I truly love this story and don’t like to harp on small, personal, nitpicks when something is already written!

However, since I know you’re rewriting it, I figured I might as well toss the critique out into the ether. It is really bothering me every time Ichigo makes a comment about his speed in this story! I, 100%, understand that he’s out of practice, and hasn’t trained for years! I get that his stamina, speed, and other abilities would’ve begun declining! However, his original teacher was: Yoruichi Shihōin, “goddess of flash” herself!

There is Zero way you can convince me that he went from keeping pace with the Speediest (former) Captain alive to ‘needs a decade of training to match Rukia’s speed’! If you wanna say the Rukia also became a student of Yoruichi, and that’s why she’s suddenly so much faster than I will 1,000% be on board with that explanation!

However, I refuse to believe that both Rukia AND 14’s new lieutenant are both speedier than Ichigo without 3rd party intervention! Someone like Suì-Fēng? Yes! Could definitely see her matching/ surpassing an unpracticed Ichigo! But not this academy fresh lieutenant! That really seems quite unlikely considering how fast Ichigo was able to acquire his initial speed and other abilities in the 1st place! He’s not a teenager anymore, but he’s not ‘ancient’ either and by that point he’s been training with Rukia pretty regularly!

I know it hasn’t come up yet, but, if we’re talking Bankai’s at all, his original one was built for speed! Literally designed to provide him with a maximize speed boost! That one technique alone would probably make up for all the gaps he keeps whining about!

Even with the lack of training, Ichi should still be a fairly speedy opponent! What he did loose shouldn’t be too impossible to recover via consistent training, which he’s been doing, and recollection of past lessons. As is, every time I read about him commenting about how much faster an opponent is, all I can think is: Yoruichi would be so disappointed!

Okay, sorry! Rant over! I really do adore this story! I love the ToshiroKarin moments almost as much as the Ichiruki ones! Can’t wait to see how you decide to update it! :-)
3/31 c18 Guest
Is Karin still having trouble sleeping?
4/1 c18 Kurochach
Came here from ao3.
I have so muuucjlh to say !
The Shiba kids being pushed by someone to betray Ichigo ? The Seireitei ? Glad they don't want to do it. Though, after Aizen's whole thing, just why would someone do this ?!
Karin's zanpakuto is speaking to her ? Yes ! Though she is harsh... Also did Karin "stole" powers from Yuzu while in the womb ? Because it would make so much sense for Yuzu inability to see ghosts clearly.
And Toshiro, Toshiro my dude you need to move or someone might steal Karin from you !
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