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5/23/2019 c11 10Rehabilitated Sith
So I am wondering why Nightwing doesn’t connect tim’s fighting style with Red Robin, or the way he moves. You can’t hide your natural movement easily, it’s muscle memory. Unconscious movement
5/5/2019 c17 20little miss BANANNA HEAD
You were hoping that the narration could cover the fictional amnesia, and you succeeded. That’s pretty impressive
4/9/2019 c17 RainAndMist
I was so delighted to see more! I reread the story so far and I am in even more love! I adore the anology of the coin and flip sides in this chapter. Everyone's part in the story is so well written, thank you so much again! You've really got their characterisation down, and I am loving how you're portraying Tim's memory and struggles. I look forward to seeing more from you, thank you for writing it!
4/1/2019 c17 112Rookblonkorules
Oh my goodness, this chapter! You like playing with my heartstrings, don't you, Shiro?
Okay, before I start crying on you, let me just put all that energy into rambling about how UTTERLY FREAKING AMAZING THIS WAS!
The phone call, with Dick trying to get Tim to come home... that was so unique. I've never seen it done like that before, which I'm sure was the intent behind that. I wonder how that worked out on Dick's end. He was responding to Tim, so was Tim talking in his sleep?
Also, your Joker... Creepy Joker. CREEPY! JOKER!
I like how... even though he's unhinged as a character, he's so calculated and cold. He's not just insane, he's incredibly intelligent and that's why he's so dangerous and just... Gah! It must have been so terrifying to be in Tim's position!
You know... part of me almost wishes Jason WAS home, just so he could patch Tim up and get him help. Because he might not like the Replacement at this stage but he wouldn't turn his back on one of Joker's victims.
And the last line. *cries softly* I can't. *crawls away to cry in the corner*
3/31/2019 c16 1MarauderBeMe
Love how the story is going. Your writing is so good! Please update soon!
2/15/2019 c16 4homeforthelost
I love this story! please continue it! cant wait to hear what happens next!
I really do have to hand it to you, it's really well written, the plot, the characters, the reactions Ah! it's amazing. I also want to tell you that in my opinion you did a fantastic job writing amnesia. I had amnesia for just over a week a few years ago, and, the not-quite-flashbacks, the confusion, the reliance on instinct because there is no memory to back it, the wariness...amazing! keep it up!
1/10/2019 c16 Guest
Love this story! I hope u continue!
12/28/2018 c16 9IndigoElle
What a whirlwind! This was so full of interesting details, wow! There are a few big points that I want to touch on as I reel for the absolute beauty that is your writing.

First, I want to address this whole situation. Bruce and Tim as partners again. At this point in Tim's life, he hasn't worked alongside Bruce as a partner in so long. It's weirdly nostalgic, a callback to his Robin days, before Damian, before Red Robin. I just loved the nostalgia that this brought up, even if Tim doesn't remember it. We know that even if Tim has amnesia, even if Dick told or didn't tell Bruce, Bruce values Tim's help. Maybe he's bringing Tim along to jog his memory, too. Can't be certain, but the realm of possibility is wide enough for me to consider a couple motives to go along with Bruce needing Tim's help.

I also loved the pacing of this chapter. As we progress we become more and more aware of Tim's discomfort. He's starting to touch memories that make him squirm and make him want to run, but he keeps going. Tim is brave and he's choosing to keep going, even if he doesn't understand. And really, he doesn't. He's going off of instinct and the memories that are buried deep but still prompting him to do what he knows. It's fascinating to watch play out!

And he takes Jason's advice! That's it Tim, trust your instincts. As we go we just see how frightened Tim is, because he knows better than Batman what they're walking into. He keeps pushing against Batman's orders because he knows what he needs. And Batman lets him. Because he trusts Tim's judgment, even though Tim doesn't really know anything besides the fact that he has to get the answers and that they are right where he doesn't want to go. The suspense and intensity are so well done!

Then it all boils over and Tim gets caught in a wave of so many jumbled, painful memories. Let me just say, you wrote this beautifully. It flowed in a perfect stream and was completely readable and understandable. You switched between past and present effortlessly so I could tell what was a memory and what was the present, but I still understood that confusing blend of past and present that Tim is experiencing. Seriously, this was so well written! Every time I read over it I am blown away.

This story has been so interesting, heartbreaking, and overall lovely. I know that right now you're on a bit of a hiatus, but I hope that you come back to this story (and others) when you're able to! I hope that life is treating you well and that we get to hear from you soon, and if not soon, whenever you have the chance. You are a fantastic writer and reading your work is such a pleasure. I can't wait for more!
12/28/2018 c15 IndigoElle
Oooh my gosh YES! You can't see it but I am flailing with excitement. This chapter! AAAAHHH!

Okay, okay, words. I just have to start with what really got me excited. JASON TODD. I did not expect him to show up directly in this story, and I am so glad that I was wrong. As soon as I read the dialogue line about the safehouse, I sat up straight and couldn't believe it. But leave it to Tim to be unknowingly living in one of the Red Hood's safehouses. It's just so ironic.

Their entire interaction was so different from everyone else. Jason just...he doesn't even really show surprise, probably because he's come back from the dead so the fact that Tim was alive all this time isn't so shocking to him. But he handles it all so casually. He drops the gun, he lights a cigarette, and even though he's gruff and threatening just by standing there, it's clear that Jason doesn't intended to make a move. He's just assessing the situation and talking.

Meanwhile all poor Tim really knows is that this guy has a gun and is feeling threatened by him. That slowly dies down though as they talk and Tim, as desperately as he wants to keep his secrets, figures out that Jason is already well versed in this and knows plenty. In this story it's clear that Jason isn't on good terms with the rest of the family, but we can see that he feels bad for Tim. It's slight and it isn't very open, but he does feel sorry for the kid. Jason doesn't appear to have anything that bad against Tim, but I guess that bond of suffering at the hands of the Joker really does bring people together.

I like that we still get the clash of philosophies. Jason stumps Tim and Tim can only halfheartedly argue that there could have been a better way. It's really hard to argue with Jason and Tim doesn't exactly give up, but he realizes it's much more complex than he thinks. But what I took most out of this whole meeting was Jason's advice to Tim. I think that was something that Tim needs to hear in order to stop hiding out of fear. I hope that he takes that advice when it's most important!

There was something so poetic in Tim's meeting with Batman again, I loved the way that played out. Tim just knows that there isn't much more he can do to avoid him. It's going to happen, it was impossible to avoid. They're tied together one way or another and Tim knows that it's only a matter of time before they meet again. So he lets it happen. He doesn't try to run, doesn't try to disappear. And that's much progress on Tim's part, whether it's exhaustion or coming to terms with the fact that they are connected and his identity is out in the open.

I'm eager to see what Batman needs help with. Fantastic chapter!
12/28/2018 c14 IndigoElle
I see what you mean by this was supposed to be linked with the next chapter, but I honestly think it works better as a standalone. It flows nicely and it still gave us a lot to think about!

There was something so cute and fun about Dick and Tim playing a game on their break between fighting crime. It's just such a sibling thing, and I really enjoy seeing their relationship. They're acting as brothers, and really just enjoying the fact that they're back in contact with one another. Seeing Tim talk to Dick is so warming. It's nice that he doesn't have to hide behind the mask and keep his silence anymore. I'm just living for this brotherly interaction!

Dick brings up a good point though. There are a lot of bad memories lurking in Tim's mind, and when they come back it's going to hurt. I can't blame him for wanting Tim to stay in this almost pure state, where he isn't hurting by the things he's had to experience. They've all been through a lot of pain, but Tim has lost so much that to think of all of that coming back to him, it could be really damaging. I don't blame either of them for not wanting those memories to come back.

I like that we got to take a step back and get Tim alone and really see into his thoughts. Tim has one relief in knowing Dick, but a lot of pressure now that his identity is out. The more he discusses it with himself, the more I can see just why he wants to keep his distance right now. He needs to figure himself out, who he was and who he is, and how to blend the two together. It's a big task that isn't going to merge nicely, from what I'm thinking.

The fact that Dick gave Tim the number for Alfred though-AH! Pulling right at my heartstrings. Alfred is the one other person that can be trusted, and maybe we'll get to see Tim use that number. Or maybe he'll hold onto it, just in case.

This was a great chapter and I'm eager to see what's coming up!
12/28/2018 c13 IndigoElle
I am staring at this chapter just stunned. That was beautiful. So immensely beautiful. I'm so happy yet so sad and just...wow. Okay, gotta try and pull my thoughts together for this lovely thing even though I really don't think that my review is going to do this piece of art justice.

Right from the beginning we know that Dick already knows about Tim. It makes his urgency even more important. And Tim, even though he wants to keep his silence, slowly starts to let that slide. Because what's the point in hiding? It's because that's what Tim knows, and giving away his secret is like giving away the only thing that he is certain about. He has to give up that protection and whether he was ready or not, it's falling away. But he still agrees to meet with Dick, which shows that he isn't going to hide just because he's on his way to being exposed.

The way this whole scene was handled, it's just beautiful. We can tell that Dick is different-he's softer, a little more somber, maybe even more hopeful. But he doesn't launch into asking questions that put Tim's identity at risk. He talks about injuries, he wants to bandage Tim up. I think at this point he's just trying not to scare Tim away, even if he really wants evidence to prove what he thinks is true. But Dick is incredibly patient and understands people. So he focuses on what he can do, and that's bandaging up the boy that he's pretty sure is Tim.

And then the dialogue. It was so simple, but it held so, so much. Tim saying Nightwing, Tim's question, the interaction was so fragile and lovely. You can feel both of them breaking. You can feel their nerves, their realization, their hope. I can't event think of the words that I want to use to describe it other than beautiful. Then Dick decides not to reveal Tim, that he wants Tim to do it himself and just...it was so heartfelt and warm and Dick's hurt is so raw and true.

Then Dick pulls off the mask and Tim's reaction just melted my heart. Because suddenly Nightwing isn't just a vigilante that's taken an interest in him, it's his brother. And that changes everything. Their reunion made me so happy, I just smiled the entire time. That was worth all of the wait to see them meet again.

As much as I want Tim to go back and see Bruce, I understand where he's coming from. He still wants to figure things out, he wants to know who he is because in his mind, he's not the same. But Dick is right, he's still Tim whether he knows it or not. It's just a matter of Tim understanding that he is that person, and that he is still their Tim.

This is definitely one of my favorite chapters, if not one of the best scenes I've ever read in fanfiction. I love this. Truly amazing and incredible work, my dear!
12/28/2018 c12 IndigoElle
Oh. My. GOSH.

I'm so excited that I don't know if I'm going to be able to form coherent words but I'm going to do my best because you have got to know how absolutely splendid this was!

The way you did the reveal was perfect. With Tim being so secretive about his identity, I wasn't sure how Batman was going to find out it was Tim. Especially when Tim is making a point to stay away from Batman. But you had him revealed in a way that is accidental, but in some way, not really. Because this is Tim. This is Tim, who even if he can't remember, knows how to defend himself. He's revealing himself through his actions, and he can't hide that no matter how hard he tries. Reflexes, training, it's made him able to live the vigilante lifestyle, and no regular person gets that lucky at stopping a bullet.

And so Batman knows. HE KNOWS. And it's fantastic and heart wrenching and just perfect the way they look at each other. Clearly Bruce is shocked but Tim is relieved, because it's really hard to keep up a secret like that for so long and the poor kid needs a break. But we don't get a reunion, not really, because these two are still in a very dangerous position and there is no time for heartwarming talks. You keep everything in character and don't pull us out of the moment in this reveal, which I appreciate immensely. It's a sign of fantastic writing. Seriously, I can go on and on about this scene because WOW.

You write the Joker so well, too! The Joker is so hard to portray, but you handled it gracefully. Serious kudos to you, because that's super hard to pull off. Tim's reaction was amazing, because he's obviously traumatized in some way by what happened to him. And Batman knows he has to go after Joker, but he also knows that he doesn't want Tim in harms way. So he asks him to stay put and stay safe.


But my momentary "Tim WHY" thought disappeared reading how frantic and confused and downright scared he is. This is so much for one person to handle and we know Tim is just trying to make sense of all the insanity. I just want to give him a hug.

I was wondering this earlier and now that Bruce was also interested in the staff, I really think that's Tim's staff that Steph has been carrying around. If so, wow the emotional impact of that is deep. Everyone is clinging to Tim in their own way, and that's just so symbolic. Also, your descriptions once again have me floored. "The weapon smiled at him from across the room." Absolutely lovely.

And then, as he's drifting off, Tim realizes it. He knows Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same. He's figuring it out all over again and I am so proud of him. I didn't know I could feel so many different ways for a character at once, but I do!

I really don't know what's going to happen from here on out, but I do know that I can't wait to find out.

This chapter was simply incredible. Wonderful!
12/28/2018 c11 IndigoElle
What a chapter! Let's dig into this because I am so ready.

Loving the inclusion of Oracle too, even if it's more of a background thing. Maybe she'll appear later, maybe not, but no matter what it's great to see her playing a role in this story. I also think you've got Steph's character spot on! You're lovely with characterization and I really enjoy your take on the characters. You bring out their personalities so well and I'm never taken aback by out of place dialogue or action. Props to you for that!

You also love teasing us, don't you? No Tim NOT RED HOOD. I understand the logic, but no buddy. You play more of an integral role than you are giving yourself credit for. Even if you are not, currently, red. But the poor kid is thinking himself into tailspins, and I do feel bad for him trying to make sense of it all in a high-stakes situation. There is never a moment of rest for him, ever.

The whole Steph and Tim investigation was so well done! It was written so well, the details were spot on, and the stakes were high. My eyes were glued to the screen through the entire thing. And the moment they had to go into the sewers I felt stressed. Closed in tunnels? Nuh uh. This is dangerous. It's even more dangerous considering this is the Joker. But this is leading up for a huge interaction that I am so excited about.

And that ending. BATMAN. This is probably one of the top moments I've been waiting for and I'm ready to watch it play out. Amazing job!
12/28/2018 c10 IndigoElle
Hooooooooooooly emotions. I was not ready. I was not prepared for what this chapter gave me at all.

We actually start this chapter more lighthearted than I was expecting, but I loved it. Nightwing appearing like he's in a better mood and just acting overall silly was fun to watch. There was just something so amusing about him standing there eating crackers while Tim reads the gossip magazines. It's really true to Dick's character, and Tim's. The little scene there was very enjoyable, and it makes me smile every time I read it.

And Tim is SO CLOSE to revealing himself, when he gets distracted. Asdfghjkl NO COME ON. I am so impatient and I know that when the reveal happens it's going to be good, but they were so close.

But then we move on to the Fear Toxin scene and...I have so many words. That was just done so well that it was actually scary. The descriptions and Tim's thoughts were so well done. I could see the men so clearly and it sent shivers down my spine. Just wow on the detail and description there.

Red Robin! Tim it's RED ROBIN COME ON. There is something about reading this story and knowing the truth that makes me want to shake Tim. I just want him to remember so badly and the information is right there and I want him to grab it but I know he can't. He doesn't know. It's so frustrating in that beautifully entertaining way. You just pull me further and further into this story the more we go along!

Now for Nightwing. Oh my gosh. His reaction was insane. It all made sense of course, but getting to watch the emotions play out was amazing. I was actually a little scared of Dick for a minute when the intensity took over, and I don't think I've ever been truly frightened of Dick before. Congrats on accomplishing that! The intensity was fantastic!

"Take care of him for me, will you?" DICK KNOWS HE KNOWS EVEN IF HE DOESN'T HAVE A SOLID CONFESSION. This is too good, and he's sending Tim with Steph because he knows that if anyone can calm Batman, it's Tim. Does this mean that Batman is about to discover Tim? I hope so!

This is so good and I am loving this story!
12/28/2018 c9 IndigoElle
My heart, my goodness! This was chalk full of things to talk about.

First of all, Tim you have got to stop with the not sleeping thing. Even in an AU setting, this boy is still running himself into the ground with lack of sufficient rest. I admit though, it's with decent reason. Tim's paranoia is probably what will keep him alive, and it's fair to worry that he's being tracked. He doesn't want involved with Batman right now and he's right-Dick is a nice guy. It doesn't seem right that someone that kind is out protecting the streets, in a way. But hopefully Tim will come to see that it is just who Nightwing is.

Then we get some flashbacks, which made my heart hurt. Any reference back to Tim losing his dad is so painful to read. But I loved the inclusion from Red Robin #26, I caught that reference! It's one of my favorite issues of that series and it showed so much about Tim that I'm really thankful for your inclusion of that in here. And then we get more details about the night that Tim lost his memory, EEK! You made that so haunting and intense, and I felt the pressure of the situation. I can't wait to get all of the details, because even with what we have it's so good already!

And we've got Stephanie here too! I loved her inclusion in this. The strain between her and Nightwing was so well done. And just like Tim didn't give up on Batman, Stephanie isn't giving up on Tim. Their relationship is complicated, but they have always cared about each other and that holds true here. Having her here also was a great way to give us information on what's happening with Damian. He's no longer in Gotham and has been greatly affected by Tim's loss. I can imagine how badly that's going to affect his relationship with Bruce, especially as long as it is assumed that Tim is dead. This is such a train wreck, but a wonderful train wreck because it's making for a fantastic story. My heart hurts for everyone!

Then Dick feeling the impact of Tim's supposed death, oh my word. That scene was so beautiful, and it really captured Tim and Dick's relationship so well. But I was still sitting here wanting to shake Tim and tell him to take off the mask. Come on Tim! Tell Dick who you are and everyone can stop hurting so much!

That last line really got me too-"one who had lost himself. And one who had lost it all." Wow, that was gorgeous. I love it!

I'm really excited to see where this story is going from here. Outstanding work!
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