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8/6/2018 c15 14blatherin-blatherskite
I love this so much. It’s well written, it’s mysterious, it’s everything that makes a fic worth going back to. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/6/2018 c15 12Loftcat27
8/6/2018 c15 112Rookblonkorules
Okay, so... you already know I've been aching for Dick and Tim and Tim and Bruce, but I didn't dare hope we'd get Tim and JASON, but we did and not only that, but it looks like the next chapter is warming up for some Tim and Bruce interaction?
I'm in heaven. You, Shiro, you are an angel. You somehow managed to give me exactly what I needed and I didn't even know I needed it.
I really love the interaction you've got going between Tim and Jason. Jason is so distant... and yet you can see the heart beneath that. What happened to Tim has suddenly put them on the same footing with each other and maybe they're both seeing a bit of a kindred spirit in the other. AND ASKHFDJS I just LOVED THIS SO MUCH!
Also, you deserve to pat yourself on the back because this is one of the best, the BEST, interpretations of Jason that I have ever seen.
8/4/2018 c14 Guest
This is such an amazing story! The way that you write Tim and the way you describe his feelings is so well done!
7/31/2018 c14 12Loftcat27
Excited for the story to continue!
7/30/2018 c14 23orangesunset12
Oh gosh I feel so bad for Tim, well actually I feel bad for everyone here. Dick honestly is so sweet here and yet I totally understand Tim feeling like he's not his former self. There better be a happy ending to all of this! I really hope the next chapter's coming out soon!
7/30/2018 c14 112Rookblonkorules
You've written the interactions between Dick and Tim so wonderfully. Dick it feels like, is just trying to ease them both back into the life they had before, but on Tim's end there are so many things standing in the way, such as his loss of memory and the scar on his back (which I'm really curious about still, btw. And I'm really hoping Dick finds out about it soon. Whatever it means, it's a burden Tim shouldn't have to carry alone.)
I feel like this must be really painful for Dick because on the one hand, he has his brother back. On the other hand, he doesn't... not completely. Tim doesn't remember and that's kind of... a bit of a gap between them. But Dick is still there for him and that's just... that's so canon!Dick. He's unconditionally there for the people he loves, be it Barbara, Bruce, Damian etc.
And then Tim feels like he has to deal with this on his own too and... that's also canon!Tim and it hurts my heart right now because that kid is going to need his big brother before all this is over I'm sure.
7/26/2018 c13 Guest
Great! This chapter really puts it all together!
7/24/2018 c13 jusst-izzyy
I reread this chapter so many times omg I love every single bit of it.
7/24/2018 c13 23orangesunset12
This was incredible! I need more soon! The atmosphere, the dialogue, the beautiful connection between Tim and Dick, this was all absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for this!
7/23/2018 c13 Guest
I felt so many emotions this chapter and i am so happy to finally see dick and tim together like that again!
7/23/2018 c13 AnonymousMisfit
I'm... I'm crying?
This chapter was loaded with emotions, and I just can't handle these feelings you're giving me.
Like, oh my God, Dick *knows* and they *hugged* and so many other things-
I love your writing, and your stories! I don't review much, but I'm leaving this one because you need to know how amazing you are at writing. It's so... seamless, the way you do.
I'm leaving this on my behalf, and that of AndAnotherOneBitesTheDust's. She hasn't been able to do anything lately, because she's been really *insanely* busy.
But she recommended you, and I couldn't be happier to have listened.
You've got amazing talent, and I so look forward to more.
7/23/2018 c13 112Rookblonkorules
I wanted to run around the room laughing for a moment, but I couldn't do that because obviously I had to sit down in order to read this.
BUT YES, DICK KNOWS! Dick finally knows! Though I was sure he had guessed it by now. I loved the imagery of Dick clutching at his hood and bringing it down, but not going any further than that out of respect for Tim. I love how he left that decision up to Tim and I love how Tim chose yes and honestly it was just a very beautiful, well done scene. One of the best I've read in fanfiction to date. I'm gonna throw this out there and say you would be amazing working for DC.
And now I have even more to look forward to... Batman, the reveal of that scar... and I'm aching to know what THAT'S all about for sure!
Excellent job as always!
Happy writing!
7/19/2018 c12 Rookblonkorules

So... Batman knows... I'm so excited to see how this will turn out!
Also that part where Tim hears Joker's laugh and intinctively gripped Batman's arm a little tighter? That part killed me because just... Tim remembers almost nothing, but he's reflexively looking to Bruce for comfort.
And Bruce KNOWS. Omgsh, I've been anticipating this since the beginning! Only he can't do anything about it because he has to go and help Stephanie.
7/17/2018 c12 12Loftcat27
Exciting as always
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