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1/18 c4 jimmy.oz
well at least it is better than changing her personality somewhat even if I disagree with how things are but after seeing the first chapter I want to see how the story ends same with the other story when I should have just listened about how it was more dark than I would like.
1/17 c11 Chris
The bottom part of chapter 11 after the authors note, is a scene or 2 from a different story
1/14 c1 007
Like for 3589
1/9 c38 juni.clon.ado
Thanks for the chapter
12/15/2021 c37 picking-up-story-from-abadoned
Great si
12/15/2021 c32 picking-up-story-from-abadoned
Bro please update fasterrrrrrrr
12/9/2021 c38 KiraLostSg
Good chapter!
12/5/2021 c38 9Satan
I think I'd like this fanfic more if I shared this authors intense voyeur/exhibitionist fetish. I would never even fathom the idea of letting other people see my girl naked, and this novel has crossed the netorare threshold a few times, like that bit with the guards coming and watching for an entire chapter was extremely strange to me. I can tell this author is in the infant stages of developing a netorase fetish, I've seen it happen before.
11/29/2021 c38 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
11/29/2021 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
The wish fulfilment is strong in this story.
11/26/2021 c38 3Valkorion510
11/25/2021 c38 lalo80
Buen capitulo, porfa no tardes en actualizar esta historia, como oscuros dscubrimientos
11/25/2021 c38 Guest
I don't exactly remember any prolific plot divergence for this story without rereading. But it's occured to me that you could have a lot of fun in a certain easy divergence moment.

A very popular trope in Draco/Hermione fanfiction is Hermione being left behind when the trio canonically broke out of Malfoy Manor with Dobby's help. The trope so goes that the two fall for each other as Draco tries to keep her alive while maintaining the facade of loyalty. Obviously it's something that could be a lot of fun here, especially since you likely to take it reletively light heartedly unlike some fics I read.
11/25/2021 c38 deoxeyses
11/24/2021 c38 2Arrowman
Glad to see an update.
I wonder: will SM Unleashed be getting a new chapter?
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