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for Tainted Desire

4/21/2018 c4 SirLaze
So I do have more s than I first thought. Really good job on the writing.
4/21/2018 c4 Guest
I can't believe you missed the chance to write "he put the paper with the address on her cleavege "

Bit longer pls
And you're losing your touch
4/21/2018 c4 DarthPotato171
4/21/2018 c4 Guest
4/21/2018 c4 Guest
You should have draco get with ginny weasley and make her serve him and not potter
4/21/2018 c4 Altzelic
WAAAAY TOOO HOT! That was a great chapter! I’m wai Omg in appt anticipation for future updates!
4/15/2018 c3 ABC5dashboard
This is terrific... Uupdaate, uupdaate, uupdaate... :D
4/11/2018 c3 1Stonerguy420
Love this so far.
I. Think you shoukd have him learn wandless telekinesis it woukd be most useful and probably easiest to learn. Or just have him learn telepathy and telekinesis like jean grey but magical.
Abd maybe replicate some things hes seen other magicals use in different movies and stuff .
Like making a sling ring for teleporting anywhere.
Or stealing the smartest mughle sxientists knowledge and trying to see what can do qith science and magic.
Also he should take ideas from other fanfiction and see what works. i think itd be amazing if he learns he has a talent for enchanting ,spellcrafting or runes and makes himself the cloak of levitation (dr strange) with all its abilities and personality.
Also he should enchant a pistol with unlimited bullets that absorb all magic allowing it to pass through spells and shields then explode using that magic upon impact.
Finally parkour and martial arts would be good for ending fights quickly and for stealth and escapes.
Also maybe have him carry a shield around in a pouch in order to block killing curse.
He could get a bunch of c4 or satchel charges or remote bombs and find away to shrink thwm really small and permanently attach themselves to other death eaters and voldemort (no one woukd ever think itd be him cause hes a pureblood who doesnt know anything about muggle explosives. and then be activated killing them all
4/9/2018 c3 7infadinityfollower
Good Stuff! Need more!
4/9/2018 c2 infadinityfollower
Good Stuff! Never thought I would see a story like this.
4/9/2018 c1 infadinityfollower
Holy shit! Somebody made a NTR harry potter fic! Good stuff!
4/9/2018 c3 2Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Please Have Draco try Harry for a sissy next. Thank you very much in advance. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am very sorry if I am annoying you with my reviews it's just that I really like your story.
4/9/2018 c3 Guest
Tease her in the morning

What are you going to do to Voldemort
4/8/2018 c3 Guest
Hmmm it'll do
4/8/2018 c3 MasterOfDragonsGod
Awesome chapter
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