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for Tainted Desire

9/21/2021 c37 Guest
Why does he want his girls to be intimate with other people?
9/18/2021 c37 3Valkorion510
9/17/2021 c37 lameduck987
What a torturous place to leave off at lol
9/17/2021 c37 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
9/17/2021 c37 Guest
I kinda of wish Draco would use the elder wand to over ride any birth control they have. Call it the Draco harem or he can swing by after the war and consider it the Malloy line rescue type thing. What a interesting way for it to see half the woman can't fight on both sides as they are 6 month pregnant
9/16/2021 c37 FicTIuNFaN
Draco should not try to steal Ginny. Not if he wants to become victorious at the end. He could try seduce her, but ultimately she should go back to Harry Potter.
9/11/2021 c36 1AiyaKnight
heh 'wild' redhead indeed
9/8/2021 c36 Slurmpf
I absolutely adore it when you include random strangers into your chapters. Just like with the assistant in Chapter 12 and the restaurant in Chapter 16. The little lady in this chapter was completely adorable. Thank you very much for this very enjoyable chapter.
9/6/2021 c36 1redHussar
It was hot, but the evilest scene in all your stories...
9/4/2021 c36 3Valkorion510
9/4/2021 c36 Dark.Lord0
9/3/2021 c30 Martin-di-Arcov
so... I know that not-draco is focused on HP and his compatriots, friends and crushes. but maybe he should have a try at the Carrow twins? two girls daughters to a opponent and twins to make it even better? if he catches them individually before going for the obvious threesome that twins imply it could lead to lots of fun. having the twins dance around one another not knowing the other is also sleeping with Draco, having them dance about pure blood supremacy and following Moldyshorts while actually both being submissive to our favourite blonde man. they could even work as his secret informants on voldy's side being of a family from Nott's side they would be very useful to incriminate him even more for the leak in information
9/3/2021 c36 juni.clon.ado
Thanks for the chapter.
9/3/2021 c36 Uday Sra
9/3/2021 c36 Guest
That was pretty funny
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