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for Tainted Desire

2/5 c49 Kalstorm99
2/5 c49 Azai Jin
Thanks for the update.
More please.
2/5 c49 codywhite162
Excellent chapter!
2/5 c49 Immortal Potatoe
2/5 c49 scyfly
meh you went from bitchy devil may care secretary to let me show you what i do to pass time. this just read like bad porn, you know the one that claims to be secretary fantasy but doesnt go further than the title and the outfit

you couldve easily pushed on with the whole 'you ruined a million pound deal for your boss' and now you either make it worth my while to stay or i do leave, at which she reluctantly goes ahead with it.

bit uninspired
2/2 c11 Leo 23
Nooo, the story of the photographer seems very interesting! Too bad I can't afford to spend money on anything.
So far I am very interested in your Harry Potter stories, you write great! Do you have an Ao3 account?
1/29 c41 Guest
Just reread the Ginny chapters. These are some of the best so far. I really want more of her.
1/25 c48 Luke MorningStar
I loved! Update soon please! 33333333333333333333333
1/14 c48 lalo80
Te felicito, excelente relato. No tardes en continuarlo
1/5 c48 Guest
Time for Ginny to get fucked. The next step towards the red head threesome. Please make that a thing.
12/31/2022 c12 1Thyrokio
That was quite the shopping trip! This guy must be subconsciously mind whammying everyone he meets, lol.

A Narcissa POV in a scenario like this would be nice.
12/30/2022 c1 2NhaTrang
Well now. There's one chapter read. And why would I want to follow a few thousand herd of sheeple to read a 100000 word Penthouse Forums letter, based around someone who's setting himself up to be an unpleasant anti-protagonist? This isn't erotica, this is your self-masturbatory wankfest.
12/25/2022 c47 Mixa63
Who's favorite character?
12/24/2022 c48 Anthony00
1) cheerleader outfit
2) Sexy Christmas lingerie
.) mom Sexy Christmas
3) Disguise for women
4) schoolgirl
Small size school girl outfit
12/24/2022 c48 Xeus
Definitely make Lilly his!
Breed her
She is panting for it..
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