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for Tainted Desire

3/16 c42 Guest
So are you gonna memory charm her
3/15 c32 1OoOXylionOoO
Man this chapter...
3/15 c42 lameduck987
lol nice
3/14 c42 johnzeckleston
Well that sure was a surprising twist, need more Susan and Daphne. Can you please make the chapters longer, like 4-5k.
3/13 c42 2Rashio
If you introduce her into the story, you can not have her as a side character. She has to become one of his main girls. It'd be no fun if you just had Snape do that so you could torture Harry for a little bit. Make her yours and keep her around, always.
3/12 c42 Xeus
Very interesting twist!
Thank you and I look forward to reading more!
3/12 c42 lalo80
Te felicito, no tardes en continuarlo. Porfa no olvides un trio entre Draco, Hermione y la madre de Hermione.

También seria interesante que Draco sedugera a Gabriel Delacurt.
3/12 c42 wiliart
Being honest I just was expecting that Snape had been experimenting with homunculi or kidnapping lily's lookalikes
3/12 c42 alec-potter
Very nice
3/11 c42 mdhunter111
Woah, now this was unexpected. Lily Potter still alive? Kept in stasis my Snape? But it is now Draco who will reap the rewards! Another mother to add to his harem, and a fairly young one at that! Haha! Great job with this chapter, and looking forward to the next update. Have a great day.
3/11 c42 A Random Anon
You managed to revive my interest in this story. I love what you did with Ginny, I want more Daphne and the Lily twist is sort of refreshing.
The Apolline chapters didn't work for me, they kinda felt mass produced and stale. But the last three chapters really hit a good stride.
Still: more Adam's control please?
3/11 c42 6Carthienes
Well, I enjoyed your surprise addition... very definitely a nice twist, and you made it work so well! I'm a bit irked by the cliff-hanger though. Hopefully the follow up won't take too long.
3/10 c42 DavJaiJai
Oho~ look what we found here. Guess lily's free real estate again. And it's because of OUR healing magic ofcourse. Such hard work we had to go through. *insert redo of healer laughing gif*
3/10 c42 Beburos
lol, what a twist
3/10 c42 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and damn a very interesting twist
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