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9/5/2023 c66 Mixa63
Author, thanks for this chapter! But when will we see Fleur and Apolline together?) And you completely forgot about Narcissa ...
9/5/2023 c66 Kalstorm99
nice chapter
9/4/2023 c65 Arcturus Black1234
When are you going to do Narcissa, Apoline and Aurora together?
8/27/2023 c65 lalo80
Te felicito, buen capitulo, Porfa no tardes en continuarlo. Solo una observación, es una lastima que no escribieras lo que paso con Drako y Hermione cuando dejaron a Fleur e hicieras ese salto de escena de él regresando a Hogwarts. Hubiera sido interesante saber que paso.

Ojala lo consideres cuando escribas el respaldo en archivo ao3
8/25/2023 c65 Kalstorm99
fun chapter.
8/25/2023 c65 Aren Gisly
8/25/2023 c65 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
8/25/2023 c65 Ryouta
Narcissa min, sudah lama tidak kelihatan ini
8/25/2023 c65 bullshit123
Por essa eu não esperava kkkkkkkk
8/16/2023 c64 Mixa63
Great chapter, thanks author!
8/15/2023 c64 Aren Gisly
8/15/2023 c64 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one.
8/15/2023 c64 sans uzumaki
good chapter can't wait for the next chapter
8/15/2023 c64 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
8/13/2023 c1 2UnlawfulGentleman
To all the people freaking about the "purge", yes. I do believe the moderation staff is doing so, but what's being targeted is works with actual sex scenes in them. I checked on this "Cambrian Beckett" through Google, had an eye-opening experience (lawd do some people need to get out and meet others, basically, I mean holy fucking shit) and in spite of my own disinterest once I found myself on basically a porn site for fanfiction, I checked some of the author's short stories. Some of this Cambrian's long stories.

Those were straight porn, yo. Like there might have been a plot in some of them, but it was secondary to all the sex that was going on every single chapter. It was gratuitous, it was graphic and it was very purposefully written as such.

Now I can't say if this fic is gonna get thrown in the bin (I would assume so, if so many people - author included - are worried), but all it takes is editing out the physical act. A bit of work but your story gets saved. If you can't do that, then, well, fuck. I guess.

I mean I can understand why the site's doing this. It's not some vendetta against certain types of authors, it's a "we want to keep this site up and running for you." From what I remember from the first time this happened, the mass deletion of fanfics and banning of accounts was because at the end of the day the owner(s) of this site work with someone else/are owned by another company/are hosting their site on someone else's thing. I'm not sure exactly, but they answer to someone else. The someone else who holds some manner of power of this website does not allow for content that's considered NC-17 or XXX in nature (primarily because this site has been around since 1999, I believe, and they want to be able to cater to children looking to read here as well). So the staff went and deleted a ton, because if they did NOT? This site would be shut down because they're not keeping up their end of the deal. Does it suck? Of course it does, these stories are about people and people bang. I myself would never shy away from it (just the same as I'd never actually get deep into the nitty gritty of it, either) but if it's a question of do I want (most likely) poorly written sex scenes or this site to continue to operate, I'mma go with option two.

Furthermore: if this is a smut fic and you continue posting it, it's almost certainly going to get deleted and your account banned. I would highly suggest in chapter 64, you go ahead and direct your readers to whatever new site you choose to write on. Maybe, just maybe if you leave it your fic will get spared (I wouldn't hold my breath though).

20 MINUTE LATER EDIT: Okay yeah, you're definitely gonna get deleted. I thought to myself "hmm, lots of reviews, very long, the reviews not freaking out about deletion seem to indicate it's a good story, I can't judge by those reviews yet, lemme give this a read." 'Twas a mistake, you weren't lying about that erotica tag and there's incest in the first chapter. Not for me, I'm 34, happily married enough that all I'm gonna do is judge you on the quality of your smut because to me most porn/smut fics come off as projecting and a parent to a two year old. There's literally nothing here to keep me engaged and that NTR label is a curse on you. I know what NTR is unfortunately and as I've said elsewhere on this site "(there are some kinks worthy of shaming and this shit's number one in big, bolded, colorful letters)" and whatever remaining desire I had for this admittedly interesting premise has been murdered in the backyard.

But no, I'd just work on getting people to your new site of choice. Me, I'm gonna go read something else. I'd chosen to start this fic today but am obviously doing something different now.
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