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3/9 c42 Re Lovely Lover
Another good chapter. Interesting surprise. Curious how this will play out.
3/9 c42 Xaax
I can easily see Snape doing this. For all that emo loving girls want to 'save' and 'heal' that greasy haired fool, I can't stand him.
Maybe as a guy, its just something I don't get. But from the very beginning, canon Snape was one of the few characters I loathed. Umbridge I hated as she was simply a bigot. But really she was a more extreme example of Wizarding Britons bigotry. She showed the furthest one could go without actually joining Voldemort.
Still hated her though.

Snape, however, was a man-child. I mean, there is simply no logical reason for him to go that deep into acting out his cover, to actively and purposefully, target and ridicule a young child that was new to this whole culture. Yes, he was bullied by Harry's dad. Yes, after he called Lily a Mudblood she went and got with James, his rival and tormentor. Sure, with magical debts being a thing, him owing a life debt to James for saving him from a transformed Remus because Sirus was an idiot has to make him pissed.

But 10 years passed. At least. For the Ten years Harry was being abused and treated as a slave, he had the time to move on. Any adult I know of has said the same.

To me, I see Snape seeing Harry as living proof he screwed up. And to be frank, He did. He insulted Lily. Which being an older brother, I know full well girls in their teens don't take no crap. There is the fact he joined up with the Death eaters. You know, those who would just as soon kill or do other horrible things to people like Lily? Sure, you could say he tried to redeem himself by telling Dumbles about Voldies plans, but what about everything he did upto that point? There were years, at least 3 or so after graduation for him and Lily, that he was involved with horrible things. And just because the object of his obession was in danger. Not her Husband. Not her child. Only Lily being in danger mattered to him. And so girls think he worth something?

I just don't get it...
This turned into a rant over a character I've always hated. Sorry. But bluntly. Snape smuggling out her body -whether she was alive or not- to try and bring her back to be with him? I can see it.

Thanks for the chapter!
3/9 c42 ALLHEAVEN2
I certainly hadn't seen that coming
3/9 c42 Guest
When are you going to update dark discoveries?
3/9 c42 Arezeoz
I hope he fast forwards all his plans knowing he isn't in the Universe he thought he was in
3/9 c42 Kalstorm99
3/9 c42 Simianpower
Missing or misusing a lot of words in this chapter. Quick chapter is good. Edited to clean up its many mistakes is better.

And no, the "surprise addition" is corny as hell. It would be fine for a story based on that premise, but as a surprise addition to a smut story it just comes off as "I'm getting bored writing this, so ta-da, here's something different!".
3/9 c42 Jack1nTheBox
... you know, the second Snape's cottage was mention i figured this was where it was headed, still doesn't change the fact that I'm not sure if i like it or not. Kinda detracts a lot from Snape's character... oh well Fanfiction will do what it does.
3/9 c42 Aconitum613
Nice plot twist, but i think she will need a lot of mind twisting to make it work.
3/9 c42 Redpanda1224
Damn I was not expecting that.

Where’s Bellatrix at?

I miss Narcissa!
3/9 c42 Martin-di-Arcov
oh my
I wonder how "Draco" will seduce Lily
I hope it's a proper long and slow seduction with mind bending along the way
it's a bit surprising that you always rush the ending of them
you always start with a very slow surrender and then suddenly the MC jumps on the railing and instant seduction happens
makes the slow parts feel a bit cheap I think
though it's still the best writer of this kind of fics I've ever found
3/9 c42 Dark.Lord0
3/9 c42 1AsynchronousTextureStreaming
god damn lily potter lmao.
3/4 c41 2Arrowman
I love this story.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/3 c41 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next but damn it is a bit annoying that she fooled around with others
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