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5/4 c1 1207
Will you make your Wilhuff Tarkin like the one from the fanfic Wilhuff Tarkin Hero of the Rebellion morally I mean.
4/13 c63 inistrad
an awesome story. keep writing for the ones who appreciate it, and disregard those who seek only to bring you down.
4/13 c64 vparadox12122000
well great story dude. kinda sad about plot twist and all at a chapter of 'K' who just end like thatanyway awesome work owo
4/12 c26 vparadox12122000
lol great ship and character development owo
4/11 c14 vparadox12122000
lol awesome chapter great job dude owo
2/16 c19 1207
He probably still has the foundry but a rebuilt star forge would be a much better investment alongside the foundry.
2/16 c43 1207
The battle was over he was doing information control
2/15 c43 Gutter stomp
So he didn’t want to bring reinforcements because the public will know about the war but he just decides to tell them after it. How fucken stupid atleast make it logical if your gonna make an excuse
2/15 c39 Gutter stomp
Malevolence was only 4km long so please do your research
2/14 c19 Gutter stomp
What happened to the foundry why dosent he use it more
1/16 c6 BoredKing
Um, what? That's so stupid, I thought he was going to steal the dreadnought.
1/16 c2 BoredKing
The writing is pretty weird. English isn't your native language is it? There are sentences that read like a machine translation. Maybe try grammarly.
12/8/2019 c64 1SofiPhan29
Awesome story! I havent even seen Star Wars and I enjoyed the most part of it. (Although, others I didnt understand, at all.) ;3
11/24/2019 c64 Guest
What’s the sequel name
10/18/2019 c2 T
You need mental help
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