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for The Amazing Spider-Man 3

4/2/2018 c1 Guest
Pretty good, but a lot of misspellings and silly little grammar mistakes, but I'm sure you can fix all that by just using spell and grammar check and reading what you have written out loud. Stuff like that helps a lot. Other than that, the story so far seems mostly dialogue driven, so I guess a good piece of advice is 'show don't tell'. I know every creative writer teacher or lang teacher says the same thing, but trust me. Adding detail through diction and not dialogue brings a lot of vibrancy to the work as a whole and definitely helps the reader paint a picture better. Good luck!
3/30/2018 c1 9StormCity
First person thing looks quite suitable for this story. I know it might be difficult to finish a story as you had pointed out at the beginning, but I'll be looking forward to more chapters, and please try to finish it if you can. Also, take it a little slowly and don't rush. Not that you are, but why I am telling this is so that you can omit the spelling errors you might create. Otherwise, the story seems to be going in a nice direction. Once again, looking forward to more chapters. All the best!
3/30/2018 c1 34GhostWriterGirl-1
Awesome so far!
This is the first time I’ve reviewed a Spider-Man fanfic, but it’s really good so far. I usually lurk around the Danny Phantom fandom of fan fiction, but your story has interested me.
There’s a few spelling mistakes, but good job so far.
Personally, I prefer the Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland versions of Spider-Man, and I am fond of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show and the new Spider-Man cartoon, but that’s just me.
I eagerly look forward to your next chapter, and I wonder if Lacey will have powers too.
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!

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