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for Cross Ange: The Knight of Hilda

10/9/2023 c33 225Fox McCloude
Found Cross Ange a few weeks ago and decided to watch it on a marathon. While I enjoyed it overall, I admit I share your opinion about how it could have been much better, and this fic fixed most of the issues I had with the original series. Moreover, you avoided the typical pitfall traps of OC-centered fics by making Rio well-rounded in terms of both skill and personality, giving him his chance to shine without overshadowing the canon characters (good choice on giving him a personal foe in Dark). One issue I have with AU fics is that sometimes they just copypaste the canon events to the point they become predictable, but you countered that by making Hilda one of the viewpoint characters, giving a different perspective and showing what happens elsewhere while the canon events followed their natural course, and fixing a few plotholes here and there as well (the biggest one being Tusk's survival, obviously).

So, bottom line, you may have written this for self-indulgence (who doesn't?), but there's no denying you did a DAMN good job at it, keeping a good balance of canon and original that's very rare in this kind of AUs. The fanarts on dA also helped me enjoy it even more, it's a pity there aren't any more of them for the scenes in the final chapters, but the OCs concept arts made up for it, kudos to the artist as well. In fact, since I'm almost finishing my current term at college, I may have some free time in my hands, so I'd love to share this with a Spanish translation (crediting you as the original author of course) if you allow me. Great job, and thank you for sharing this with us.
5/27/2023 c33 rudinboyver20
finally I can see the happy ending of my first waifu Hilda, the story is very interesting and makes me touched, thank you author-san for making this story,
2/23/2023 c33 Animemaster04
This was quite the interesting but fascinating story
1/9/2023 c12 27JensenDaniels32
Fuck Jill! You should have had him kick her ass!
1/9/2023 c7 JensenDaniels32
1/9/2023 c7 JensenDaniels32
Dammit, this is why I'm never going to be a soldier. I'd have KILLED them for that, teammates or not.
1/9/2023 c6 JensenDaniels32
As. far as I'm concerned, that entire world deserves to die in the most painful and horrific ways imaginable.
1/9/2023 c6 JensenDaniels32
Fuck that. Kill the civilians.
1/9/2023 c3 JensenDaniels32
So what if the cops had family? Fuck them, and fuck their families. They all need to die.
1/9/2023 c2 JensenDaniels32
She doesn't hate men. She went after Tusk, remember?
9/25/2022 c33 1thewookie1
I read the entire fanfic over the past week and I must say its rather well done. Aside from the occasional typos, Chris magically becoming Jesus randomly, it was both well written and paced. You avoided the common pitfalls that many OC x Character fics tend to with the romance coming way to fast or forced, overly grandiose, or seizing the spotlight of the overall story.

The whole premise definitely made the universe more fleshed out and honestly livened up the canon story by adding new well made OCs.

In the end I wanted a sequel to the story to be honest :)
10/15/2021 c33 10Just a Crazy-Man
Nicely done
5/28/2021 c32 5ex555
kinda like this kinda ending... some get their redemption scene and every Norma girls ...well not everyone have their own family with the network guys!

I can even bet that jasmine will compliment her alternate self for having a great taste in men, salia us happy that her other self have a loving boyfriend, and ersha saying Ara Ara while nosebleeding saw her alternate self husband...and everyone snickering saw Maggie antics with vulture while Maggie saying silently ... just grab him my alternate self fool...
5/16/2021 c33 ex555
can't wait to see if the original characters see this especially Hilda!

the reaction fic ..,.. her reaction must be wtf... I can't wait to see their shocked reaction!
5/10/2021 c2 15LetaDarnell
I'm loving this so far. I need to see where it goes.

Two things: First: to treat or prevent pneumonia or hypothermia, you don't just take off the cold clothes, but you still have to warm to the body; you can't just wrap them in blankets and rust their own body heat. I've been there, sadly. Second: I'm pretty sure you mean 'distance' and not 'difference' in the last several paragraphs.
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