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for Perks of Being the Hokage

10/3/2020 c18 4Blank-name26
This is probably one of my fav stories from you tbh. Great chapter
10/3/2020 c18 Batros940
Not a bad chapter, but I hope the next one has Naruto and Tsunade back in the village. The whole trip to a casino just seems odd to me. A dominant Naruto is one thing, but you see to have Naruto going a little to far with how he is treating Tsunade. It just feels all the other ladies where willing to go with it because it was mutually pleasant for them, whereas with Tsunade it seems Naruto just wants to humiliate her. And I get that be was teaching her a lesson but he could have done that in their hotel room. Hope you get inspired to right more soon, stay safe.
10/3/2020 c18 kynan99
Thanks for the awesome chapter
10/3/2020 c18 elixirmaster
I know its porn but the idea of someone that strong being incompetent or allowing humiliation for some reason still irks me .. like a legendary ninja isn't someone you fuck with, even if they owe you a debt. the whole running from debtors thing in fanfics is silly.
10/3/2020 c18 Rokai666
This was really enjoyable.
10/3/2020 c18 Escritor Perezoso
Naturo the jealous bastard who lets everyone look at his wife without doing anything, of course.
10/3/2020 c18 Silber D. Wolf
10/3/2020 c18 Shadow
J’espère une ino en tant que esclave sexuel
10/3/2020 c18 NAJ P. Jackson
Didn't enjoy the last bit there. Was it really necessary to humiliate Tsunade by fucking her in front of those Ladies? Secret Sex in Public I'm down with but doing her with an audience was a bit too much.
10/3/2020 c18 Gold
Thanks for the chapter.
10/3/2020 c18 psp reader
Tsunade finally gets her turn, nice
make you rue the day prolly better than woe the day
keep safe
10/3/2020 c18 1firetemplar415
Nice indeed
10/3/2020 c18 Guest
Jesus Christ I'm bored with how much of an arrogant prick you have Naruto being. Dominant I get but his attitude is just annoying to the point I would hope he gets cucked to the point he would off himself. Good writing and all but I am out.
10/3/2020 c18 Primarx
enjoye this fic the most among yours. hope inspiration will strike you again soon
10/3/2020 c18 31Imperial-samaB
Nicely done but yeah this one seemed off. I think a return to the Leaf is in order because you have plenty to work with
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