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7/23/2019 c6 hope-is-klaroline
Hi! I’m a new reader and I’ve read Over The Midnight Moon in just a matter of days as same as the sequel! I relate to Kit so much and I’m so happy that you share her story with us and still continue her story. I can’t wait for the next update! :)
7/22/2019 c3 hope-is-klaroline
Hi! New reader here! And I just wanted to say that I’ve read Over The Midnight Moon in a matter of a couple of days! (same with the sequel) and it was amazing! I love that it’s so personal and I relate to Kit in a lot of ways. I hope that you come back to this story soon. Much love! xx
7/14/2019 c6 Iskova
Hi! Been waiting for awhile, actually just found your fic a few weeks ago and I was so sad there weren’t any updates... but as you say, life is our day to day so feel free to update whenever you are ready and we’ll be waiting! Spanish reader here in love with Emmet (that gives me enough patience hihi).
7/8/2019 c6 1ViccoVicious
A year ago I would've been so mad at this AN but recently I've started writing fics as well and I just want you to know that I admire you so much. It is HARD. Harder than I ever imagined as a reader. I haven't even posted anything yet because I know I can not finish it at the moment. I am happy to hear that Kit' s story is going to continue and even happier to hear that Prim' s isn't over either. I seriously adored the meaning behind special and was so bummed when you removed it. That being said I completely understand why and respect you for it. Good luck and Cheers!
7/8/2019 c6 jessa76
Well I hope it will be soon

Just like I think it's gonna have to be soon for kit to be bit

Come back emmett needs a love that can love him back
7/8/2019 c6 rissbenzo
Thank you for the update! I was starting to worry about you. Glad to hear everything is alright. I’m so so happy that your thinking about reworking prim and jasper, I loved them so much but understand why you stopped. :) I hope that life has been treating you beautifully and thank you again for the reassurance. Can’t wait to read the next update for this sorry whenever your ready! Thank you again and have a very wonderfull rest of 2019! Much love.
7/7/2019 c6 Lauramari
There are too few Emmett centric stories. I look forward to your update whenever it comes.
7/7/2019 c6 FairyMaster23
7/7/2019 c6 Guest
Hi I’ve been following your book since it began and I absolutely love it! With that being said, I 100% understand how crazy life gets and I wish you nothing but the best!
5/21/2019 c5 FairyMaster23
4/9/2019 c1 6Jemstone6259
That was tense very tense
2/17/2019 c5 7Lady of Sign
Oh my gosh if this is new moon what are you going to do about kit and Emmett when the Cullen's are supposed to leave?! Is this going to make it worse for Kit?!
1/18/2019 c5 9nickaroos
It’s good to see Kit getting out. It’s also sad to see how her anxiety has overridden almost everything else. It’s hard to watch her struggle and how careful everyone needs to be. Not that they mind, but they don’t yet know how to support her. Hoping the party goes well.
11/24/2018 c5 1TheDaleks
I am thoroughly addicted to the series. It pains me though that they have such an obvious solution. Kit's parents would literally do anything if it meant keeping Kit alive.
11/6/2018 c5 5wolviegurl
Great chapter, more please.
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