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for Spices of the Heart

7/23 c2 Gracedashes
Thx for updating!
7/22 c2 Maria-Reynne
Me thinks Ryoma was kinda jelly that Horio can just go up to Sakuno for a casual hug lol

I like Karupin as a clingy cat so cuteee and I like the favt that Ryoma follows Sakuno’s “suggestions” somewhat hehe

I really hope that Sakuno doesn’t get lost (too lost) in her future trip to her university.

Please update soon!
6/17 c5 Wind of SilentBell
You did really well in keeping the character.
Karupin is such a naughty and cute cat.
I think the best part was with Ryoma and Horio talking about buying groceries. Especially Horio's reactions, they are amusing.
Sakuno asking Ryoma to do something was also a good one.
If Ryoma doesn't even know where to buy ingredients, I doubt he knows what is what.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :)
6/16 c5 Maria-Reynne
Let us trust that he does. If not, well, he can always read the labels or askHorio for help. LOL

I love how demanding Karupin is to Sakuno(like most cats to their fave hooman). I feel like this will be a source of jealousy on Ryoma’s part in the near future.

Thanks for the update!
6/16 c5 Asuna11
He doesn't. Hahahhaha. Please update soon! Falling inlove the more that i read it
6/12 c4 Maria-Reynne
I like the fact that Sakuno didn’t know Ryoma prior to their meeting. Makes it seem that he can trust her with his wellbeing seeing as she’s not one of his crazy fans. So far, I’m also loving the flow of the story.

Please update soon!
5/30 c4 eelaiiii
thanks for this! more! totally waiting for this!
5/24 c4 sara
AHHHHHHH! This is good!
Thank you for the update!
5/24 c4 puffett
I'm starving for more chapter gurl... so keep it up! *thumbs up*
5/23 c4 Wind of SilentBell
Yes, I was waiting for this chapter. I like it a lot. How you made Ryoma initiate the game 20 questions was surprising, in a good way, and refreshing. I can't wait for the next one. Please continue and update. :)
5/21 c1 yuvimonlegreat
update will be appreciated. story favorited
4/18 c1 Seikuro1990
is there an update soon?
4/13 c3 Sam
I think your story layout is good! Keep it up! I can’t wait to read another one soon!
4/12 c3 Wind of SilentBell
Keep up the good work and update the story.
4/3 c2 Sam
I can’t wait for the next chapters!
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