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5/4 c18 daniel2610994
Holy shit I am loving this story so much man, and yes I know what you mean hehe, luffy Is definitely gonna help two more girls forget their pain just like he did with kiku.
And daaaamn man It easy supposed yo be oh so easy yo just kill mingo and his family and be done with it but I admit this sounds so much better than just being quick about it.
Now lets just hope cp0 is stupid enough yo move.
4/30 c15 2Ashbee95
Kikunojo is a woman in canon as well, as implied by Oda in an SBS question. Woman aren’t usually samurai in Wano so people assumed she was male because she was a samurai and she didn’t correct them.
4/24 c12 Guest
I really like this story but can luffy go a chapter without having sex , talking about sex or it being mentioned. I'm all ok for smut but damn. I'll get over it cause I do like the plot and I have a " if I dont like it dont read it policy " but it's a bit much. It puts such a damper on some of the relationships I was looking forward to. It's almost like he cant meet a female without it turning into him having sex with her. Will he have no platonic relationships with the opposite sex ? If so than it's really going to bumb me out for the rest of the female characters cause they act so stupid once they meet him which is also why its bumming me out. It's like even when you make them strong per say they are suddenly stupid and only want to do him once he's around. I get all into the story cause you made a dope plot then it just kills the vibe. Also when you changed the the story for the queen and king I was like oh cool, she's alive this time that unique. Then you had to make the back story where she was married and had a child at 11 and 11 being the consent age and it got all weird. Not only did you do that you had the mother and daughter go stupid and do him and it didn't really make much since to me cause the you turned around and had the queens son have a bond and friend ship with him ? Like no way bro is going for that with him mom and sister. Idk. It is what it is and it's your story. Just something to maybe think about or not? I wont see the response to this anyway but that's just my impression so far. I like most of the plot but him doing every female on two legs and it being like this damn near every chap is killing the story line (for me) do care/ dont care , idk.
4/24 c18 drakiesan
Frankly it's good... however its all moot with how OP Luffy is. Every single fight could have been solved with flicked of Luffy's finger. Damn, he could just sink the whole island with ease. This is boring. Truly and utterly boring. I am not interested in the Idiots who are Luffy's crew. Really not. They are weak. It's just frustrating to read.
Ps.: The formating is terrible to read. The blocks of text is extremely hard not to skip.
4/21 c14 Fanboy101
Why is this a harem story if luffy is infertile please find the medicine soon to fix luffy lose of fertility
4/22 c18 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you finally updated, I’m personally looking forward to see carrot (especially her bunny goddess mode) and if she will join them officially, ironically dressrosa was the arc i returned to follow one piece after abandoning it for naruto and Fairytail for long, the arc could have been iconic and amazing if not for the overused fillers and flashbacks, luffy staying bystander will prove his crew are independent and much stronger then they appear especially Nami who’s canon time skip training I hated due to being wasted or not revealed yet despite being core member
4/19 c18 Nero
Thanks to the new chapter's. Can I ask if rebecca is in luffy harem?!.
4/19 c18 Otsutsuki ML

First to notice the update from my fave author here!
4/19 c18 Otsutsuki ML
Yup will be waitin for the birth of legends update its an awesome story I'd like to know what will happen next
4/19 c18 Otsutsuki ML
I see I see I thought that luffy will get drunk in power and he don't care even if he will kill his savior anymore MB!
4/19 c18 Otsutsuki ML
Hey hey nice im just checking in my daily check for updates!
4/21 c18 PraetorXyn
Great chapter as always. I'm not particularly thrilled about deus ex machina super OP villains for the final arc, but it's plausible enough I can go with it in this case.

I love the Kikunojo change, and I feel like she'd make a great addition to the crew even if it isn't likely given her loyalty to Momonosuke.

Looking forward to more.
4/21 c18 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
4/21 c18 jack234
Love it
4/20 c18 zzkaizer
Yeasss character development :D
Is luffy going to have his grand armada
Hopefully all their bounty’s will be updated
Can’t wait for the next chapter to be out :D
Keep up the great work
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