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7/20 c20 Misaka Phenex
7/20 c19 Misaka Phenex
I wish all his girls become yandere also Add LLENN AND PITOU
7/17 c20 pendragonZx
Best SAO story ever!
7/15 c10 ASM769476
7/11 c20 14The Black Wolf of the Arks
...wait, those are spirits in hitodama mode?... are you going to going to turn Yuuki into a Shaman?
7/11 c20 Metalax
Just a note that there is a continuity error in this chapter. Multiple times it refers to Shino and Suguha having only been trapped for a week, when tracking the number of days in story since their appearance puts it well over that, likely around a month.

Shino even has a thought about being recovered from the hosiptal faster due to only having been trapped for weeks, back in the chapter where Kirito gives her his address, which conflicts with the supposed single week stated in this chapter.
7/7 c14 7SuperSonicSmash
The word you’re looking for is labyrinthine.
7/6 c3 Guest
The only thing I have to say about kizmel joining the party is... "We mUsT SaVE mY FaMIy!"
7/4 c1 3renextronex
I know is pretty late to actually be making this correction but an Eroge is a game with sex in it, what you should have named your fic is galge that is basically "dating sim". that, or put lemons in it dammit
6/21 c20 Boris the Speedor
Nice. Very nice.
BTW, I'd suggest a little correction: Russians, when swearing by God, usually use diminutive form "Bozhe" rather than "Bog". Flows somewhat better than general form.
6/17 c1 1Reem519
Lol, here I was thinking that his power was stupid. Freezing time to pick up chicks? Lmao sounds hilarious! Of course Kirito would get something similar to his own Canon powers.
6/14 c20 The Deck Master
This is as good as SAO Abridged in terms of being better than the original anime story.

Cant wait for the next chapter.
6/14 c8 InfinityMask
Sooo... no alo? Hmm.. I think this is the first time I read something like this scenario. Interesting very interesting.
6/14 c7 InfinityMask
I forgot to include this to last chapter review, am I the only one that disappointed that no Laughing Coffin member killed?
Btw I kinda hope kirito and the girl can keep their weapon in alo. Haha. Than again Kirito gamer ability should be able to prevent any of his party members being kidnapped by Oberon(is his name sugo? Kinda forgot. Lol).
6/14 c6 InfinityMask
Lol! Luck bastard. Anyway Pina ability to climb is too op!
And how pina and silica kill The Kirin kinda... disturbing? Strange? Anyway the skill is too op. Haha. Oh love the new sword and armor.
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