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10/23 c17 14The Black Wolf of the Arks
... you know? that part with Pina at the end gives you a chance to add even more madness in the future... just one word, a name, really: Irukuku (or Sylphid).

Silica's reaction to that would be funny as hell.
10/18 c15 7M-E-S-1276
Oí, oí, Emiya is shion?
10/18 c11 M-E-S-1276
Rho aias, really? That's mine (I'm a shirou-face)
10/18 c8 M-E-S-1276
10/14 c20 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and how there relationships will change now that they are in the real world together
10/10 c4 Crystal Treasure
I'm literally crying from laughing so much. Thank you for writing this amazing story.
10/6 c6 35Suahtloh
the Furin-mobile and the Nameless Knight are by far the best things to ever be introduced in an SAO fanfic and I will accept no criticisms
9/9 c1 Slackboy101
The moment I saw FATE, leads me to believe this sorry version of Kirito is going to get recruited by Chaldeas and IT WILL GET WORSE...
9/8 c20 herison.fate
Que pena já cheguei no capítulo 20, adorei a história.
8/25 c20 1The.Last.Prophet.123
8/9 c20 I Need Milk And Coffee
8/9 c4 3Softitalics
I hope doing good. Look after yourself out there; everything’s going crazy! GRAAHHHHH!
8/2 c20 The Lunar 9 Tailed Fox
Still as fucking awesome and hilarious as always. Poor Kirito though. With all the girls he is getting I would not want to be in his shoes. Would enjoy witnessing it all though and laughing at him the entire time.
7/30 c20 6Axel The Moon
So does that means that Eugeo route exist? There's gonna be a yaoi route or something else?
7/27 c2 MountainBookSage25

Kirito is AWESOME in this one
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