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for SAO: The Eroge

7/5/2020 c18 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
7/5/2020 c9 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Dag-gone! This is getting SO GOOD and even MORE insane! Lol! Kirito? Word of advice: STOP TEMPTING FATE!
7/4/2020 c8 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Niiice! This was SOOOO AWESOME! Hilariously funny as well!
7/4/2020 c7 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Lol! This was hilarious! I laughed like crazy when I saw how unhinged Kayaba was when trying to solve such an "impossibility" in his world! Lol!
7/3/2020 c6 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Omg! Great work! Loving this!
6/21/2020 c12 3T51b Moridin
Lol that BSoD was great. BSoLOOOVE!
6/20/2020 c5 1OoOXylionOoO
Nice chapter.
6/20/2020 c1 OoOXylionOoO
This sure is original. THanks for the chapter.
6/13/2020 c18 D
Oh goddamn it, that line and the world this it taking place..
The cardinal system is basically...yandere for sen..'creator' it would seem. So Strea and Yui aren't that different from their apparently 'big sister'.

Also Thanos inspired? Oh shit infinity war beat down incoming?

Thanks for the update! And Kirito's saltiness over his lack of op-ness continues to sustain me _
6/6/2020 c18 2madtad1
One of the best written stories. I look forward to your next update!
6/1/2020 c18 Tryson
King forward to the next chapter, and hoping more comes after, I’d point out how he always had what he wanted and what I think that is but I think that might be spoiling :-)
5/31/2020 c11 3T51b Moridin
Seems like Cardinal read too much Bleach when it was kicking Yui out. Hahahah! That shit is golden. With Strea as a Hunter killing beasts (corrupted data monsters) I was already blasting, but now Argo is a Dark Templar, and Yui is a fkn Vasto Lorde. Its going to be a riot. Yui for Waifu.
5/31/2020 c10 T51b Moridin
Not gon lie, this was hilarious. I enjoyed every moment. The ending with Argo was super cute, and that ultimate power moment wwhen he accessed the control panel. Please tell me he will get some time to min max and abuse the fk outta that? Cuz seriously, its needed~!
5/31/2020 c1 Tryson
5/31/2020 c9 T51b Moridin
Gundam Leafa is going to be op as fk isn't it? I feel bad for Argo, no random power ups. At least Asuna has her main characters main heroine thing going. Leafa got a gundam boost. And the other three from this new phase each got a boost as well. Bloodborne Hunter Strea, Lady of the Ring Philia, and a broken Servant Sinon. Good lord its insane.
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