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for SAO: The Eroge

5/4/2020 c18 Artyom-Dreizehn
Yes to name change, she's my favorite here in your fic, as technically she's the first heroine here in the game(SAO).
5/4/2020 c18 1thewookie1
Someone needs to teach this Cardinal directions... :)

Kirito's power of the eroge allows every girl he meets fall for him but actually powers them up more than him lol.

Klein needs a girl; thus allowing Kirito to gain "Wingman" modifiers lol

Lux was the key to this chapter
5/4/2020 c18 Jimbobob5536
Oblivion though? Hahahahaha.
5/4/2020 c18 Hashirama 1710
lux will never have to worry about forgetting her passwords again
5/4/2020 c18 4Zaralann
Very interesting... Even if I don't know shit about Keyblades.
5/4/2020 c18 23Apex85
Yay, no Strea Boss!

And Kirito's continued despair of no-combat powers is still funny XD
5/4/2020 c18 3Anime-ted Life116
Well, shit's happening. Lots of shit is happening. And now, Strea is omewhat free from her fate. Fabulous.

...except for the fact that she is an AI. Cant turn her into a human... right?

Please keep the name. Dont use the canon one. This one feels so much better. Other than that, yet another awesome ridiculous chapter that is well done! keep safe, keep up the good work, and hope your stories grow even better!

Also, please read my series, Devils and Swords. Its a new fic, and I need advice. Thanks!
5/4/2020 c18 11UCCMaster
Dammit you, you gave Lux the keyblade, the last op item of them all, next to maybe to the Master Sword of Zelda. I will note the harem isn’t compete yet. You still have a very powerful and meta maid who’s still carefully observing the party who has yet to reveal her colors.
5/4/2020 c18 1AndreyKl
Thanks for update!
5/4/2020 c18 Guest
*Blinks very hard at the Millenium Message :tm:*
... Did you just have Eugeo pull out the freaking White Tiger Morpher while ducking Krypto the Superdog?
5/4/2020 c18 8Quathis
I wonder if the world unlocking power of the Keyblade will be needed if Cardinal is feeling petty with all that corruption. They do have quite the crew now, and it does seem appropriate to have a Thanos character there for the big Avengers-styke showdown. Not to mention the BatmanvSuperman warning from the future that doesn't make a lot of sense. Until next time.
5/4/2020 c18 Guest
Will the yuuki event at the end og hollow fragment be included?
5/4/2020 c18 4Kaichou9779
Awesome! Thanks for the chapter!
5/4/2020 c18 2LukeSky001
...you know what! Make the final boss the size of AINCRAD. It will be AMAZING to read! And as a final move against the boss(which will have a weak spot on the chest), the final move will be CRASHING AINCRAD on the final boss! What do you say about the idea?
5/4/2020 c18 The Wolf Paladin
Okay first off for Argo’s name I do want her canon name : it is something that I asked about last time so yeah I will vote for Hosaka Tomo.

As for Lux well considering she tried dual wielding in canon without the skill and the fact that she got Oblivion well I expect her to gain Oathkeeper somewhere down the line.
Though looking back on it, I understand why she was the last one to awaken her power. The keyblade would be able to trivialize all the dungeon.
Plus if she had it since the beginning she would have been able to just open a door that leads straight to the top boss.

Curious how Kirito will deal with Strea though.
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